Kitt Rin Drasco

A laconic former Journeyman Protector from Concord Dawn.


Born and raised on the Drasco Homestead on Concord Dawn, Kitt is the youngest of three children. Her main occupation before leaving Concord Dawn was as a Journeyman Protector for the land near her family’s farm. Kitt’s mother has stated she was a bit of a wild child during her teen years, taking speeders out for joyrides. Kitt claims it was her brother’s idea (though not specifically which brother).

After leaving Concord Dawn, Kitt spent time as a bounty hunter. Eventually she was hired on to the Crusader, primarily as a technician, but also for her talents used in her previous professions. Her job these days involves accompanying several of the Jedi assigned to the Crusader on ground missions.

Her best friends are fellow technician Snibit, and T5-M9.

Kitt has some strong philosophical beliefs, including a dislike for Force Sensitive/Jedi superiority complexes. She also has a fondness for off beat humor, though there is little time for it lately.

Kitt Rin Drasco

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