Star Wars: Dark Age of the Republic

Session 9 - Farewell

With no time to waste, the Crusader flies back to Contruum so the group can make their final proposal to Lady Kether. They arrive short of the deadline, though no one is happy to see Lord Harrak also at the Kether estate to make his own final proposal. The group makes their case, Rudi first mentioning the now open trade with Donovia before he is interrupted by a grieving Don Jannik. He gives an impassioned speech, giving out every reason for Contruum to ally itself with the Republic and the benefits the planet will receive from the deal. As soon as Don finishes his sudden speech, he takes off not even waiting for Lady Kether’s answer. Concerned, Kitt and Rune go off after him. But Don’s speech reach the Lady, and she does agree to it after Kol echoes the benefits to Contruum’s people that Don has spoken of. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Lord Harrak, who storms out—

—Right into Kitt and Rune waiting outside after losing Don Jannik. His fury is quite evident when he turns and gives Kitt some parting words, amounting that she is now nothing.

The deal between Contruum and the Republic now official, it would seem time to leave, but Lady Kether requests a few moments of Kol’s time. She talks about the future of her family, and of how Trista will eventually take over for her. Aware of the connection Kol and Trista have shared so far, Lady Kether offers Kol the opportunity to stay, marry her and help the people of Contruum. This throws Kol for a bit of a loop, and he says he needs time to think about it.

The party travels back to the Crusader, where Kol explains to everyone Lady Kether’s offer. There is much discussion on the matter, Rudi suggesting it is a good idea for him, while Kitt doesn’t think marrying someone he only saw twice would be wise. Needing more time to figure this out, Kol decides to head back to the planet to spend time with Trista, feeling that if he got to spend some real time with her he would be able to make a better decision. Captain Forma agrees to give him the time he needs, and arranges for one of the shuttles to take him down to the planet.

It turns out to be Raek who pilots the shuttle. The two talk about the situation, but in the end Raek says that it is up to Kol to make the decision. No one else can make it for him, and he’ll have to do what he feels is right. Kol leaves the shuttle for the Kether Estate.

Back on the Crusader, grief over Baniss’s death is hitting Don Jannik hard. He spends his time in the cafeteria, drinking and mourning. Kitt approaches him, trying to help him through it, again reasoning that it was her error in judgment that caused Baniss’s death, not Don’s. He doesn’t listen to her, or to Rudi, who comes and attempts to ease Don’s guilt as well. Both of them at a loss for words, Rudi and Kitt join Don for a drink.

Kol arrives at the Kether Estate and asks for Trista. She is happy to see him again and agrees to go out into the city to spend time with him. Since they went to a fancy restaurant the last time, Kol suggests they go to a place more his speed.

More his speed ends up being what most would consider a greasy spoon kind of diner, serving up cheeseburgers. Kol introduces Trista to the wonders of diner cuisine and the two talk about themselves, their goals, the usual dating fare. They both end up having much in common, like their interest in helping others. There is a definite spark between them.

Yet again back on the Crusader, poor Rune is almost run over by a harried Telsij, sending her files in all directions. Helping her pick them up only proves to be hazardous for Rune as a nervous Telsij reaches for her papers at the same time and hits him in the head. More apologetic at this injury, Telsij rushes Rune back to her room to tend to his head. While they do exchange pleasantries, Telsij’s bedside manner could use some work as the ice pack she makes for him only ends up getting stuck to his goatee and attempting to get out of the situation only causes Rune further injury.

After dinner, Kol and Trista end up back at her estate. They discuss the proposal made by Lady Kether, and while Trista thinks her grandmother can be a bit meddling about her life, she agrees that Kol is a good man. Kol is torn, telling Trista that he does care about her, but his life as a Jedi is a life of going where others need him; he is constantly on the move. It is a difficult decision for him, but he still feels he has to continue his service with the Crusader and the Jedi. Trista is understanding while sad, telling him that he will have to do what he feels is best, but asks him to stay the night with her. With tears in her eyes, she kisses him and it goes on from there.

The next day Kol bids Trista a tearful goodbye and heads for Raek’s shuttle back to the Crusader. Kol is welcomed back after making his decision, though Rudi still thinks he should have taken the offer, and Kitt just asserts that she is glad Kol decided to stay.

But Don still is in his heavy depression and grief over Baniss’s death. With the funeral imminent, Kol decides to try to get through to him, giving him another perspective. A few misspoken words later and Don gets the impression that he should “not go on like this” and that it has to end. He goes to leave, but not before Kol realizes the error in his talk and stops him. Giving it one more go, Kol convinces Don that living in grief would not be what Baniss would want. Baniss’s mission continues, as long as there are those around to honor it. Don agrees that he must go on.

Everyone on the Crusader has gathered around a pod holding Baniss’s body. Captain Forma stands by, delivering a speech about Baniss and his service to the Crusader. He talks about the various ways death are dealt with around the galaxy, such as Concord Dawn and Rodia, and that Duros put their dead to rest by returning them to space. With that, the pod with Baniss is shot out into space, and he is given a final farewell.

The funeral soon gives way to introspection, and talk amongst the Jedi. Talk of the role of Jedi in the universe is brought up; Melina reiterating that as Jedi they must control their emotions for their responsibility is so great. Stressing control of emotions doesn’t sit well with Rudi, who argues that they are just ignoring the emotion, not feeling it. Of course, the debate of the Force making their roles in the galaxy more important is brought up again and Kitt is not happy to hear about it. Rune reasons that the dark side is a very real thing, and that the damage someone like him could cause falling prey to it would be far greater than any ‘dark side act’ a non-Force Sensitive like Kitt could ever do. Kitt thinks it’s ridiculous, though Melina essentially agrees with it. The two do not see eye to eye, so Kitt removes herself from the whole conversation. Rudi continues to debate that Jedi need to feel emotion to understand how to master it, but soon finds that Melina and Rune aren’t seeing it his way, while Kol tries to remain neutral.

Frustrated, Rudi also leaves and ends up discussing the matter with Kitt, who agrees that recognizing and feeling emotion is the only way to master it. She reiterates that writing off the potential damage someone can do just because they aren’t Force Sensitive is ridiculous. Although the two hadn’t seen eye to eye much thus far, they find themselves on the same side of this debate.

As the Crusader jumps to hyperspace on the way to their next mission, the focus shifts to the Sith armada stationed around Contruum. Lord Harrak is on one of the ships, looking down at two cloaked figures. With revenge in mind, he sends them off to follow the Crusader and specifically those that denied him the deal with Contruum.

Both figures respond, “Yes, my master.”



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