Star Wars: Dark Age of the Republic

Session 7 - Justified

Another day finds the party going back to the cantina for breakfast to find Biggs and Marshal Scraf, and Faina. Biggs approaches Rudi and exclaims the matter from the night before has been all settled. No legal action will be taken, as it seems that Rudi and the others were acting in self defense, and as such, they are given back their weapons and the matter is put to rest. Rudi thanks him and officially introduces him to the others. A group of slicker wearing Spacers arrives in the cantina, making a direct line for their favorite tables, which look to be occupied by a few other people at the moment. They stare the other people down in a threatening manner and it is enough to make them scramble over to the bar. Kol mentions this bullying behavior to Biggs, but he brushes it off that the others are just being polite to the hard working Spacers. When Biggs hears about their interest in making a deal with the Administrator, he says that he would most definitely be able to handle that and invites them to meet him in his office after breakfast. That done, Rudi moves on to greet Faina. Biggs continues his assertion of the sturdy law and order, all day every day, in Gravepool to the others, though Kol notices that a few of the Spacers are looking in their direction, particularly a dangerous looking man stroking his blaster and an abyssin blinking his single eye at him.

Soon Kol and Rudi are approached by a devaronian wearing the yellow slicker of the Spacers, who introduces himself as Cyril Broxus. He has a small chat with the two, his wide smile just a bit too friendly, before gathering the rest of the Spacers, mentioning they must get to work at the towers. The two Jedi are told, after the Spacers have gone, that Cyril is their leader, though the man with the blaster, Vor’en Tikaris, is a blasterslinger with considerable skill. It seems that getting rid of the Spacers would be the right thing to do, so that the miners can live their lives without being bullied, but the method to achieve this end is one that the party cannot agree on. The miners do not want any trouble, and it seems clear that Biggs and the Marshal are either ignorant to the problem or in on it in some way.

Rudi thinks that intimidation could be a successful way of getting the Spacers to back off, saying that the criminal connections Kol has to his family could be the right angle. Adding to this idea, he suggests that Urias disappear, an act that could potentially be blamed on the Spacers, giving Kol greater leverage to use the angle of “revenge for his missing cousin.” The fervor that Rudi has in his voice for this idea seems odd and a cause for concern for Kol and Kitt. When Kol senses that Rudi means that something really could happen to Urias, Rudi dismisses that as his intention entirely while Kitt finds Rudi’s enthusiasm about revenge cause for suspicion. Though the more Rudi talks about the idea, reiterating that it would be a ploy, one that could potentially cause the least amount of violence between everyone, the more receptive Kol becomes to it. Given that there are no other suggestions that are any better, the idea is left as one to consider, though Kitt doesn’t like the idea of Kol using his last name in that manner. The subject of pursuing the Administrator in the mines is brought up again, and once again shot down as something too dangerous and potentially futile to undertake.

Breakfast finished the party goes over to the town hall to have their meeting with Biggs, though it seems unlikely that he could make any deals with them considering his position as a magistrate. The conversation does seem to go around in a circle, leaving the group no better off than when they came. Though Biggs assures them of his authority to make the deal, and basic prices and parameters are discussed, Rudi refuses to make it official as all of them find Biggs’s fees on every document filed and signed greedy to say the least. Rudi insists that they’ll have to wait to speak with the Administrator before finalizing any deal. The magistrate backs off, saying that it is his decision, but adds that there will be little else the Administrator can do that will help the deal and they’re much better off with him. There is a strange edge to the statement that they all pick up on, but do not pursue at the moment and bid the magistrate farewell.

Hours pass and the shifts in the mines change, bringing Urias Saper to the cantina to unwind. With the party back in the cantina, Rudi takes this opportunity to talk to the loud miner again, but this time he seems more interested in talking to Kitt. Rudi waves her over, and tries to steer the conversation back to the problem with the Spacers, and that someone with connections such as Urias should be in charge rather than some gang. He agrees, though spends more time trying to woo Kitt, until Rudi changes tactics again and brings Kol over to the table, this time introducing himself with his real last name. It takes some convincing, and dropping the name of Kol’s father Alphonse, to make Urias realize that the two are related. Through the conversation it becomes apparent that Urias is more of a distant relative, who has few powerful connections compared to the son of the ‘godfather.’ Urias hopes that Kol could put in a good word for him, and this launches Rudi and Kol into their plan for the miner to disappear for a while.

When Kitt adds to what they’re saying, Urias turns to her and goes, “Who’re you?”

Kitt pushes her chair back and stands up. “Leaving,” she replies as she goes to sit with Don and Baniss at near by table within earshot.

Rudi and Kol continue their pitch to Urias about his temporary disappearance. Kol even suggests that if this plan helps them to get the Spacers out of Gravepool then he can put in a good word for Urias with the family while Urias adds, “Hey, maybe even run the show around here, right, eh?” Several empty promises later and Urias is entirely on board with the idea, ready to leave town that very hour. A wink and a loud good bye to his cousin, he takes off.

Eventually everyone decides that it would be best to turn in for the night and heads back to the inn. Their sleep lasts only a few short hours, interrupted by the familiar sound of a blaster being shot and shouts from out in the street. The party rushes out into the rain, Kol and Kitt heading right for the disturbance while Rudi hangs back to ask Faina what is going on.

Cyril Broxus stands with blaster in hand over the body of the aging Marshal Scraf, poking him and telling him to “get up, it was only a joke” in a loud voice. Faina tells Rudi that Cyril had been making a great deal of noise, so the Marshal went out to calm him down. A blaster was fired and everyone rushed out to see what they were seeing now. Kitt and Kol manage to calm Cyril down, who is quite obviously high on spice, getting him to hand over his blaster. They escort him over to the jail, putting him safely into a cell.

Biggs is there, and finds the entire situation quite unfortunate and a real shame. Marshal Scraf was a good man, and quite popular in town. He bemoans that they’ll need to get a new marshal, but makes a sudden turn around when Kol speaks up about making sure that justice is served for the poor deceased marshal. Even though Biggs knows the situation will be temporary he appoints Kol the new marshal of Gravepool and gives him the power to deputize anyone he wishes. Surprised, Kol accepts the position, hoping he will be able to serve everyone well and put an end to the problem with the Spacers and immediately deputizes Kitt and Don. Don seems quite enthralled with his new position as a deputy, and decides to take the first shift at guarding Cyril at the jail.

Kitt makes no reaction to the development and instead sets to work on finding out the circumstances of the marshal’s death, joining Rudi in his conversation with Faina. She asks the young woman if anyone knew where Cyril had been earlier in the evening and Faina mentions the spice den down the street. The two set off to have a quick word with the proprietor.

Illist Dona, the arconian owner, has very little useful information for the two. All he knows is that Cyril came in earlier that evening, happy about something, and proceeded to get high until he left not ten minutes before. Realizing that there is nothing left to pursue in this place, Kitt leaves with Rudi, heading next to the cantina to ask who is still up what they know.

The patrons of the cantina and Miim do not seem to know that much more, although they all share the sentiment that it is a ‘damn shame’ that the marshal is dead. They heard Cyril making a great deal of noise outside, shooting off his blaster, apparently at the moon some heard. Someone came in to tell the marshal and he headed out to calm the high devaronian down. No one actually saw the shot that ended the marshal’s life, but assert that it is a ‘damn shame.’ Kitt asks them all what they think of Cyril and the Spacers, and all echo the same statement: “They’re a rowdy group, a little rough and pushy, but if we mind our own business they leave us alone.” They go on to say that Cyril and Scraf seemed to get along, something that was repeated by Cyril himself as he was put into jail for the night: “He’s my friend.” It becomes quite clear that while the miners vastly outnumber the Spacers, they are not fighters and wish for nothing else but to be left alone. They want no trouble, and hope that the new marshal won’t cause any, like the poor marshal before Scraf. When Kitt asks about the old marshal, they tell her that the best person to ask about him is Biggs, but that the fellow was unpopular and met an unfortunate end.

Back out into the rainy night, the two relay all the information they have found to Kol. Kitt says that it seems to be accidental, but that Cyril is still responsible for Scraf’s death and will have to pay the appropriate price for it. They all agree to take shifts guarding the jail and that everything will be brought up with Biggs in the morning.

Biggs is jovial about the newly appointed marshal and that there will be no disruption of their ‘all day every day’ law and order. When the party talks to him in the morning, he makes mention of presiding over the trial for Cyril. Kitt mentions she has evidence for the case, and Biggs tells her to file every piece with him, but that each costs 30 credits. She is taken aback for the moment, promising to file everything later but before the trial starts.

The group heads back to the cantina once again to work out their next move, but they’re interrupted by the arrival of a speeder, dropping off none other than Administrator Jurn. Kol immediately approaches the man, bringing him up to speed with the events that had transpired while he was away. The death of the marshal is a shock to him, as well as the appointment of a Jedi to replace him in the meantime. When the oddness of Biggs and his constant extra charges, Jurn confirms that the magistrate appears to be involved with the Spacers and that justice doesn’t mean much in Gravepool. He agrees to meet with Kol in his office, and to attend the trial of Cyril, though he doubts there will be much he needs to see.

Indeed the trial progresses much the way that Jurn suspected. Kitt submits her evidence and testifies, and it is enough to find Cyril guilty of the accidental murder of Scraf. However, when Biggs hands down the sentence, absolutely no jail time is mentioned, merely a fine and hours of community service. Cyril seems pleased with the sentence though no one else seems to be.

In his office, Jurn reiterates the unfortunately broken government that Gravepool has at the moment, and his relative inability to do anything about it. Kol brings up that he is not only affiliated with the Jedi, but with the Republic and the Crusader, and goes into detail about the prospective trade route deal. Jurn is receptive to the idea, but says nothing can be done without ridding the town of the Spacers first. If they can get rid of the Spacers, Jurn promises to lend whatever they need to Contruum and the Republic.

Back in the cantina once again, the party discusses plans to solve the problem with the Spacers, emphasizing the need to be as non-violent as possible. Don brings up once again that Vor’en might be the one to watch out for more than others, as he has a reputation as a deadly blasterslinger. Several ideas are tossed around, though none seem to stick, and it sounds like the plan to blame Urias’s disappearance on the Spacers is no longer going to be implemented. Kitt suggests taking Vor’en’s blasters away, thus taking away his biggest threat to everyone. Don jumps at the idea, expanding it into a mandate that Kol could pass. With his power as the marshal, Kol could pass a proposition banning blasters in Gravepool. Anytime anyone entered a building they would have to hand over their weapons. Rudi and Kol ponder the idea for a moment before agreeing that it could work, or at the least provoke a confrontation with the Spacers.

The townsfolk don’t take the new law too well, though. As they read over it, many get frustrated and angry, storming off from to their homes and many take refuge in the cantina (despite no longer being able to carry a weapon in there). The Spacers in particular dislike this new law, and throw dirty glances as they head into the cantina.

They get no better when they’re inside. A while after entering and getting their drink on, the Spacers get a bit too rowdy, and demand to get their weapons back. When Don refuses one of them throws a wild punch at him that instead makes its mark on the poor bartender Miim. Don and the rest of the party immediately set to work at defusing the situation, escorting the drunken Spacers out of the place.

An intense confrontation takes place just outside the cantina, the group trying to intimidate the Spacers to backing down and leaving for the night. A few of them throw more drunken punches, which are responded by non-lethal force, such as Kitt butting one of them with the brunt end of her blaster rifle. A moment passes between the two groups before the Spacers decide to back down. They start ambling down the street as the abyssin among them throws out a swear that none of them understand…

Except for Don Jannik who yells, “What did you say about my mother?” and launches at him with a fierce punch.

This launches the party into a longer fight with the Spacers, though they are easily dispatched. After all, the Spacers were pretty drunk. The party manages to knock them all out and decides to take them to the jail for the night before any punishment is figured out. Don apologizes profusely to Kol for the outburst, saying that his emotions got the better of him. Morose about the event, Don even goes so far as to offer up his position as a deputy, believing he no longer deserves to have it. Kol reassures him that everything worked out alright, and Don apologizing was enough. Don is comforted by this and decides to keep his deputy badge.

After the first guard shift is decided, the rest of the party heads back into the cantina to make sure that everyone is alright. Miim seems disappointed with how the events turned out, and is rubbing his sore jaw. Kitt spends a bit of time comforting him, reassuring him that he can be whatever he wants to be, including a tough guy. Though she does warn him to not get involved in fights that have him very outnumbered and if there is something he can’t handle, to come to her and the others for help. He agrees, and for her kindness, Miim offers Kitt a free drink. She joins the others who are speaking to Biggs about setting up a trial for the Spacers. Biggs takes notice of her drinks and comments on it as a “perk of her position,” which Kitt ignores.

Biggs goes on to talk about what he would consider a ‘fair’ punishment for going against the new law and assaulting the marshal and his deputies, though it is, again, far more lenient than the party would like. While Kol tries to convince Biggs of a harsher sentence, Rudi devises a far more powerful approach. He declares that the Spacers will serve jail time and a harsh credit fine, saying this statement with extra emphasis. Biggs is about to disagree, but stops and reiterates Rudi’s sentence. Kol stops and stares at Rudi intently. When Kitt notices this she asks him what is wrong, and Kol promises to tell her later. Woozy and with a new headache, Biggs announces he is going to retire for the night and would see the others the next day for the trial.

Satisfied with the results, Rudi heads over to the inn to retire for the night. A little while later Kol and Kitt follow. Kol explains what had happened to Biggs, saying that some Jedi have the power to cloud men’s minds, that the Force has a strong affect on the weak minded. Rudi has that power and used it to force a heavier sentence upon the Spacers. Kitt can’t believe that not only do the Jedi have that power, but that they use it on other people. She states that no one has the right to impede someone else’s free will, essentially what Rudi is doing, and that his methods are disturbing. While Kol does not agree with Rudi’s methods, he stresses to Kitt that they’re still in service of their mission, with Rudi’s heart in the right place. She is not as convinced and warns Kol to be careful.

Another day, another trial in Gravepool. The Spacers look confident that they’ll get off with a light sentence, and it looks like Biggs is going to give it to them until he pauses. He puts his hand on his forehead, and repeats Rudi’s sentence from the day before. The Spacers are outraged and shocked, not to mention Biggs who is once again sporting a headache. Administrator Jurn also is surprised by the turn of events, and only pointed comments to Rudi betray the actual reason for the harsh sentence. The Spacers are led back to the jail, yelling that this kind of treatment isn’t gonna stand.

Hours pass, Kitt taking over guard duty for the prisoners, before the Spacers threat is made good on. Within minutes she is approached by several other Spacers, all brandishing blasters and ready to free their incarcerated comrades. The noise of their arrival alters the others though, and Rudi, Kol and Don emerge from the cantina to help Kitt.

A fierce battle breaks out, everyone in the party set upon by several Spacers. Don tries to duke it out with one man, but his first few shots miss. Rudi leaves his lightsaber off, once again relying on his tactic of telekinesis. On the other hand, Kol quickly goes to work fending off blaster bolts, reflecting them back the Spacers. Kitt faces off against a few Spacers, doing her best to fight them off, but one reaches the jail cell. He goes to work, slicing into the electronic locks and soon breaking in. The jail cell door slides open, letting two of the other Spacers out and making the party’s job just that much more difficult.

Though he does get a hit in, Don cannot keep up with the damage being dished out and the poor Rodian falls to the ground unconscious. A very well placed shot by one of the Spacers is let loose, finding its mark right at Rudi. It hurts like hell, but he isn’t out of the fight yet. Slowly the party whittles down the attacking Spacers, Kol redirecting blaster fire and striking with his lightsaber, Kitt aiming with her blaster rifle, and Rudi utilizing his Force powers. Another deft shot is fired by one the Spacers aimed at Kol, but though some sort of hand of destiny the shot misses, though he is immediately hit by another. Towards the end of the fight, both he and Rudi chase the same Spacer into the town hall, able to corner him into surrender. Kitt chases down another one that was bleeding badly, knocking him with one stun shot from her rifle. Unfortunately for the group, at least one of the Spacers was able to run off back to the others.

Dragged back into jail and locked away, Rudi sets to using his abilities to bring Don back to consciousness. Feeling weak and tired, Don thanks him and asserts he will be better next time. Looking pretty bad off, Kitt uses her medpac to help Kol out a little. The three quickly discuss who should continue to look after the prisoners. Kitt, having taken the least amount of shots in the fight, agrees to continue her shift with Don, giving the Jedi some time to sleep and recover. Of course, if anything else comes up before then, she guarantees that they’ll know.



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