Star Wars: Dark Age of the Republic

Session 15 - This Is My Planet

People gather in the outdoor eating area in the back of the cantina for the celebration. They drink and laugh and revel in the victory. Joy turns to horror in an instant as one of the townspeople falls forward; they’d been shot in the back of the head. This shot is followed by another, and another. Todrin falls to the ground from a blaster shot and Dr. Mors scrambles to help those injured. The mercenaries are far from finished.

Jumping into action, Baugs and Kol once again use the Force to enhance their speed and are gone in the blink of an eye. Rune grabs a speeder and Kitt joins him to provide fire along the way while Rudi takes his own speeder and Turgens takes the long way by running on foot. Hayde stays behind, providing them all cover fire with a spray of inaccurate blaster bolts.

The journey over there is long and tense, as the mercenaries plug away at the group the entire time. Baugs and Kol reach them first, and once again go into action with their lightsaber expertise. Rune, Kitt and Rudi arrive next, catching the rest of the mercenaries with blaster shots and more lightsaber strikes. The battle is quickly done once they all have reached the mercenaries and find themselves in possession of more mercenary speeders. Turgens is the last to arrive, after the action is all but over.

When the group discusses what to do next, they feel it is time to take the fight right to the mercenaries and take them now while they might be unprepared for a frontal assault. They decide to ride the speeders out to the mercenary compound while Turgens heads back to town.

This would seem like a good enough plan as any, but the group finds that something is very wrong when they arrive at the compound; it is empty. There is not a single mercenary there. Realizing this was what the mercenaries had wanted them to do, the party races back to town, worried they have just made a terrible mistake.

When they make it back to the outskirts of Sinla, they all stop and see that the place is crawling with mercenaries. They have taken over the entire town and it would be far too risky to just go in and start fighting them all. Everyone is now in danger; the townspeople, Turgens, Hayde and Snibit. When sensing them with the Force, the Jedi find that Hayde and Turgens have been beaten unconscious and left bound in the swoop shop. Baugs suggests there is another way than just a straight up fight, and the plan becomes one of surrendering. All of the Jedi will head into town together and surrender while Kitt remains out of sight in the woods, ready to come in when the time presents itself. It feels risky, but they are left with no other option. The Jedi walk into town, immediately confronted by mercenaries.

One of the mercenaries tells them their boss wants to speak with them and presents a holographic image of a man, Commander Vaarlac. The Jedi have caused him quite some trouble, and he is not fond of that in the least. After all, he has a great set up for his men and himself on this planet. They get what they want from the townspeople free of charge and in return the town remains peaceful. Vaarlac has carved himself out what he believes is a good place, his planet, and doesn’t want anything wrecking that. Ah, but getting rid of the Jedi in a permanent way would be unwise as well, he says, as it would attract attention from the Jedi Order and Republic. That’s far much more trouble than it’s worth. Instead, he offers them a deal; he’ll give them back Hayde and Snibit if they all leave the planet immediately. Another hard decision is in front of them, one that they do not want to go with, but again Baugs has the look that says, ‘There will be another way.’ Reluctantly, they agree, and Vaarlac gets his men to bring out Hayde and Snibit. Turgens, however, is not part of the deal, and must remain with the mercenaries and townspeople. Vaarlac has his men bring out a speeder truck to take the Jedi, Hayde and Snibit to the next town. He says he wants no Jedi tricks, mentioning he has experience with their kind and to ensure that he has his men bound and gag them for the trip. They drive away, spotted by Kitt still waiting in the woods. She tails them, staying far enough away to remain out of sight.

After arriving in the next town over, back where the party had arrived on Concord Dawn, the mercenaries untie them and leave. Things seem pretty grim and Kol is distressed at the idea of just leaving without helping the townspeople. Baugs reminds him of what he has been saying, and that he has no intention of just leaving them either. All they have to do is convince the mercenaries they have left, and they can do that by having Merga fly the shuttle out into orbit around the planet.

Snibit cries out suddenly, yelling about fire, about the town engulfed in flames. He is having a vision, one that sounds much like Milena’s. They realize, for the first time, that Snibit is Force Sensitive. The revelation excites Snibit and he starts talking about becoming a Jedi and that Kol could teach him the ways of the Force. Baugs supports this idea, and says the little fella’s got a lot of talent. Not quite knowing how to react to this, Kitt goes and calls her parents to let them know she won’t be home for dinner. Rudi goes to check up on Hayde, who is resting in the next building over. She’s been knocked around a little, but she’s fine. Rudi turns on the charm and the conversation turns into sex. The rest of the group decides to stay for the night and return to the mercenary oppressed town at dawn.

During the early hours of the morning the party sneaks back to the outskirts of the town, maintaining a safe distance away. Their first priority is to locate the townspeople and Turgens, and to that end the Jedi reach out with the Force to sense and see them. It appears that the mercenaries have divided the townspeople into two different buildings in town. After some discussion, the group agrees that a distraction for the mercenaries would be the way to go. Driving them away from the townspeople will make the task of saving them easier and throw the mercenaries off. Snibit says that if he can get some supplies, he could rig some explosives to be the big distraction. Going with that idea, he and Kitt are asked to sneak into town and take what is needed and set up the distraction.

The two decide to sneak into the weapons shop first, and are able to do so without rousing any suspicion. After taking what they need the two move onto the swoop shop, where the Jedi had felt the presence of one mercenary. Setting her rifle to stun while Snibit opens the door, Kitt catches the man off guard and within seconds stuns him. He falls to the ground unconscious, and Kitt restrains him in case he recovers before the fight is over. Snibit goes around the shop picking up the rest of what they need. With the supplies gathered, he sneaks around town, planting the explosives in places like the side of the cantina building, and a tree near the casino.

Everything is set and the explosives are set off. The resounding explosion is booming and many of the mercenaries run out into the streets to find out what happened. Commander Vaarlac stands from the doorway of the cantina, realizing that the Jedi have tricked him. He yells at his men to gather around him. The party storms both buildings where the townspeople are being held. Some of the mercenaries run out to come face to face with the Jedi, while Hayde takes out men still inside by shooting through the window. Their distraction had the intended effect; the explosion was loud enough to cover the sounds of the fighting. The party frees Turgens and the townspeople, but there is still Commander Vaarlac and the rest of his mercenaries to take care of. Kitt asks Snibit, using the large droid Rudi had bought earlier as a sort of mecha, to help protect the townspeople with Hayde while the others go take care of the mercenaries.

Kol runs for the main street, and is the first to come into Vaarlac’s sights. He and his men shoot at the Jedi but find him to be a difficult target to hit, both his natural reflexes and talent for redirection with the lightsaber proving to be invaluable. Vaarlac doesn’t let up, though, and continues to fire at him while some of the other mercenaries begin to lob grenades. Kitt decides to use the advantage of height again and grapples to the roof of a nearby building. This vantage point gives her a perfect shot at Vaarlac, and she begins concentrating her fire on him. With Vaarlac’s attention focused on Kol, Rune rushes around the battlefield, striking with deft lightsaber strokes at the many mercenaries lined along the street. One by one they begin to fall. Rudi stays to the side street, providing powerful back up with the use of his damaging telekinetic Force powers. Vaarlac’s advantages are disappearing, though he continues to fire at Kol. Turgens arrives, wanting to get a few shots in at Vaarlac. Kitt takes aim at the mercenary Commander, stating that this is her planet, and fires one last shot. It finds its mark and Vaarlac falls to the ground.

Sinla has been freed of the mercenaries at last.



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