Star Wars: Dark Age of the Republic

Session 14 - The Ambush Plan

When lunch is finished, the group leaves the little café to attend the town hall meeting. They are met by Rudi along the way, finally catching up with them after oversleeping.

The townspeople are very concerned about the almost certain retaliation from the mercenaries from the rumble in the cantina. Some wonder if they can just placate them by letting them continue taking what they want, while Kol asserts that this is the time for them become free of their influence. Kitt agrees with this, trying to help get the townspeople to rally with them. An ambush plan could still work, they say, and now is the time for them to take back their freedom. There’s still fear from the dangers this plan could bring, but the townspeople end up agreeing to let the group do what they need to do. Several of them even throw their support behind the party, willing to take a stand with them. Hayde uses her training in tactics to come up with a plan to attempt to stop the mercenaries both outside the town and in. They’ll try to trip the mercenaries up in the woods outside of town with high tension wires, while inside the town they’ll try to barricade the rest on the main street.

With a lot to do and not a whole lot of time to do it, the group sets to work, with Kol delegating several of the tasks at hand. Seeking out new weaponry, he and Baugs head over to the weapons shop to talk to Todrin. It takes a bit of negotiating, but they strike a deal with him for blasters. They give this new batch of blasters to Hayde, who agrees to teach any of the townspeople interested in how to shoot. Todrin decides to take her up on the lessons and heads just outside of town to practice.

To attempt to pin the mercenaries into the trap barricades need to be made and Snibit makes quick work of writing up some schematics for that. Taking care of that, he asks Kol for a moment alone with him. Snibit asks him a bit about his lightsaber, and after Kol explains its importance to him and the Jedi, Snibit asks him if he could borrow it for a little while. Being the technical expert that he is, Snibit is sure he could improve upon it a little and it would help Kol in the upcoming battle. Although a little hesitant to relinquish his lightsaber for a moment, Kol gives his lightsaber to him, telling Snibit he trusts that he will make it better. Excited with this opportunity, Snibit runs off to work on it.

Knowing that there will be a lot of lifting and carrying of heavy materials, Rudi goes to the droid shop to see if there would be anything to help them. He finds a big hulking droid, one that would be perfectly suited to the task. Using his smooth talking and expert negotiating skills, Rudi makes a great deal with Ephin for the droid.

Deal making doesn’t go quite as smoothly for Kitt and Rune, who try to get a good price for the durasteel needed to build the barricades from Inyl Salaut at the general shop. Neither one of them is suited for negotiating prices and ends up paying the standard fee for the materials. They meet Rudi in front of the store and he has his new droid take the durasteel over to the swoop shop where they’ll build the barricades.

Heading to the general store after the others, Kol successfully barters with Inyl for the high tension wire needed for the other part of the plan.

Rune, Kitt, Baugs and Merga work into the night assembling the barricades while Rudi reads some magazines. When Kitt tries to call Snibit to come and pitch in, she finds that his comlink is off and he’s unreachable. Instead of breaking for dinner, Kol goes over to the cantina and picks up food and drinks for everyone. After working well into the night and building most of the barricades, the group decides to call it a night and head over to the inn for some sleep.

They are met at the inn by Snibit, who doesn’t say a word about what he’s been up to. He ends up sharing a room with Baugs for the night, while Hayde offers to stay with Kol. Before turning in, Kitt calls her parents to make sure everything is fine with them. They tell her it is, nothing is wrong, and that they are having Mr. Mandalore over for dinner. Relieved by this, Kitt turns in for the night. The room Kol and Hayde have to share is a bit small with only one bed. She tells him they can share; she doesn’t mind. Even with all the flirting Hayde throws his way, Kol still acts befuddled by it. Their talking disturbs Rudi enough that he bangs on the wall of his room, yelling at them to shut up so he can sleep.

Morning comes and the group gets ready for the busy day by having a filling pancake breakfast, though Baugs stops for a moment to entertain some local kids with Force enhanced juggling. The kids, Deboo Pethus, Jast Phalu, Minuk Chin, are in awe of the Jedi Master’s talents. With breakfast done, the group gets back to work on the barricades, knowing that their time is soon running out.

Before heading out into the woods, Snibit catches Kol and hands him back his lightsaber. It is all improved and harder hitting than before. Kol thanks him and then drives outside of town with Baugs and Merga to set up the wires. They manage to set this up just in the nick of time, as they see figures zooming towards them in the distance.

They hide off to the side, waiting to see if any of the mercenaries will be caught by the wire. When they come zooming past on their speeders three of them are snapped back by their trap while the rest ride past. The mercenaries thrown off their speeders rise to their feet and are met with the combined combat prowess of Master Baugdon and Kol. Between their expertise with the lightsaber and enhanced speed with the Force, the mercenaries are cut down. They were only three, though, and they must hurry back to town to help their friends with the rest.

Speeders roar into town, one by one racing down the main street. When there’s as many as can fit on the main street, the group springs their ambush. They pull out the barricade at one side of town while Turgens and Todrin cut off the other end with a speeder truck borrowed from another town over. Those mercenaries not caught in the trap drive away as fast as they can, but there are many left that are stuck and the big fight is on.

Rune leaps into the fray, landing powerful strikes with his lightsaber. Finding that the best vantage point if from the rooftops, Kitt works in tandem with him, shooting those trying to strike him from behind or weakening the mercenaries he’s going after. Rudi goes to his natural strengths, obliterating the mercenaries’ speeders with an impressive display of telekinesis. From the side street Hayde starts mowing mercenaries down with her repeating blaster rifle. Townspeople taught by her to wield blasters take shots at the mercenaries, as well. However, this earns the ire of the leader and he strikes one of them, Talo Baskil, down before deciding to take out the barricade.

The other mercenaries decide to go after the truck with Turgens and Todrin inside, lobbing several grenades at them. There’s an explosion and fire as the truck becomes damaged, but luckily the men inside survive.

Kol, Baugs and Merga arrive in town just as the dust settles and the battle is over. The victory excites the townspeople and they grab the group into a celebration at the cantina.



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