Star Wars: Dark Age of the Republic

Session 13 - Lend a Hand

During a hearty breakfast the next morning (with Rudi absent, spending his time oversleeping) the group agrees to help Kitt’s parents out with the chores and tasks around the homestead. Taking on some of her old responsibilities, Kitt herds nerf with Snibit’s help, while Hayde milks them afterward. Rune is put to work shingling the roof, and Kol shovels manure. The morning passes into noontime and the tasks are eventually completed. Heading inside, Kitt hears her mother telling Hayde about her ‘wild days’ as a teenager taking speeders out for joyrides. When Kitt interjects that it was her brothers’ that were the wild ones, her mother says that’s where Kitt got it from. Their conversation escalates from there, with her mother’s voice becoming louder and shrill. When neither one seem to know what they were arguing about any longer, she grabs Kitt into a hug. Hayde seems to find the whole thing confusing but sweet.

As Turgens arrives to take the group into the town of Sinla once again Kitt tries to impress upon her parents the importance of notifying her if anything on the farm seems amiss. They are still indifferent to this whole Sith threat and tell Kitt to do her job and not worry about them. Leaving Rudi to catch up on his beauty sleep, the group head into town.

When they arrive, the group discusses different possible plans to drive the mercenaries away. There aren’t too many that take off, and the best one they end up agreeing on is an ambush. If the mercenaries come to town regularly, the party should be able to find a way to take them by surprise. They decide to discuss this plan with different people in town and see if any of them would be willing to fight with them or lend them aid.

It’s the weapons dealer they seek out first, a man that goes by the name Todrin Keyis. While he’s more than willing to sell them arms he is less than enthusiastic about fighting against the mercenaries. The second place the group heads to, the local droid shop, yields the same result. The owner, Ephin Chin, is too concerned about possible retaliation to even attempt at fighting against them.

Stepping outside the droid shop, the group hears someone yell, “The mercenaries are coming!”

Staying out of sight, they watch as several speeders pull into town. The mercenaries are harsh looking men, who immediately ask one of the locals if they’ve seen the Jedi. When the locals tell them they haven’t, the mercenaries stalk off into the cantina.

Seeing this as an opportunity to listen in on them, the group splits up and takes different routes to the cantina. Kol uses the Force to enhance his jumping abilities and lands on the roof of the cantina while Rune attempts to sneak up from one of the side streets and across the main one to the cantina. Turgens, Kitt and Snibit end up sneaking around the back of the building, looking for a back door to listen through. As stealthy as they try to be, the mercenaries become aware of the group and a fight ensues.

Not to be bothered with jumping down to the street and going through the door, Kol just slices a hole through the roof and falls to a table below. This tactic works pretty well for him, and he continues to fight on top of the table. Turgens, Kitt and Snibit burst in from the back, soon followed by Rune. From across the street, Hayde takes aim with her very large blaster and shoots the windows to pieces, catching a few of the mercenaries in the shots. Soon the fight is over, leaving a very damaged cantina in its wake.

The damage gets the party a stern berating from the bartender, Morea Pace, and the town’s doctor, Dr. Gara Mors. They’ve brought a new level of violence and destruction to the town, and the doctor is particularly dismayed at the violence. The group apologizes and says they’ll pay for the damage to the cantina. This doesn’t take care of the problem of the mercenaries, though, Dr. Mors tells them. She tells them there will be a town meeting for everyone to decide how they want to handle this.

With a little bit of time before the meeting, the party decides to check out the mercenaries’ speeders to see if they could possibly use them for a direct ambush attack on the mercenaries’ hideout. They are parked around the corner from the cantina, just at the edge of the town. As they take a look at the speeders, a cloaked figure walks into view. Both Rune and Kol immediately sense the Force and expect the figure to be the Sith they’ve been waiting for. Everyone draws their weapons in preparation and immediately finds their hands empty as the figure yanks them away with deft use of the Force. An intense moment passes as the figure approaches them. They pull back the hood of their cloak, revealing themselves to be a Lepi, and a very familiar voice calls out to Kol.

“Eh, what’s up, Kol?”

Kol grins and introduces everyone to his master, Jedi Master Baugdon, or Baugs as he likes to be called. Baugs introduces everybody to his droid friend, who he refers to as Merga. Although old and a bit slow, Merga has gotten Baugs and Kol out of many a jam in their time. Baugs mentions that he had received Kol’s long ago message through the Force that he needed his aid and had come to help. To catch up on old times, the Jedi Master suggests the group head over to the nearby café for a bite to eat. Cheeseburgers, of course.

Master Baugdon tells everyone a little bit about his travels through the universe, and his philosophy on the Force. Lord Hoth is gathering his Army of Light on Ruusan, he says, and speaks about the possibility of that battle to be the end of the war. Baugs says that fighting in the war isn’t everyone’s path, though, and the Force will show everyone in some way where they need to be, just as it showed him here to Kol. Kol tells his master about the time when he had sought his advice, and that he had eventually chosen to leave Trista and Contruum to continue traveling through the galaxy. Baugs tells the group that whatever trouble they’re having with the mercenaries, he’s here to help.



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