Star Wars: Dark Age of the Republic

Session 1 - Turbulent Arrival

A shuttle weaves its way through the myriad of Republic ships in orbit around Anaxes, carrying Jedi Knights Rune Solaris, Kol Saper, and Melina Harth, Jedi Rudi Larkis, a Republic representative Telsij Flautis and a mysterious cloaked stranger. All aboard have been assigned to work aboard the Crusader, a privateer cruiser that now is receiving funding by the Republic. Their discussions about the upcoming missions are cut short as the Republic fleet comes under attack by a sudden Sith strike.

Aboard the Crusader technicians, Kitt Rin Drasco and a Chadra-Fan named Snibit are assigned to make sure the docking bay is open for the incoming shuttle. When they discover one is full they go to the next, only to find that one has been damaged in the battle so far and it would take too much time to repair it before the shuttle is to arrive.

It becomes clear that the droid pilot aboard the shuttle will be unable to safely get them to the Crusader, so Rune is forced to take over as the one with the best chance of getting them there. The flight is hard going, though, as the shuttle dodges and almost collides with one of the Republic ships. All around them the battle rages, and soon the shuttle catches the notice of the Sith fighters.

Needing some place to put the shuttle, Kitt suggests using the cargo bay airlocks. She and Snibit, with Kitt’s droid T5 M9 following behind, race down to the lower levels to prepare the proper airlock.

Things are getting more desperate in the shuttle as they take heavy damage from the Sith fighters. Taking the initiative, Rudi uses his telekinetic Force powers to slam two of the fighters together. It isn’t enough to shake them all off, though, and the mysterious stranger on board begins to prepare space suits for Telsij and the others.

With a thunderous shake the Crusader is hit by the Sith, and Kitt finds there is trouble getting the airlock to open. Snibit goes into the maintenance shaft in hopes to fix the damage, and he manages to do so. Kitt sends T5 into the airlock, readying him to receive the Jedi shuttle.

As the shuttle nears the Crusader, and is briefed on their unorthodox boarding location, they are attacked by fighters yet again. The shuttle is rocked, the droid declares the direness of the situation, and the mysterious stranger urges the Jedi to don space suits and abandon ship. With few other options, Rune pilots the shuttle as close to the Crusader as he can before it is hit one last time. As the Jedi and their companions float in the darkness of space the shuttle is blasted and blown to bits.

Rudi calls out to the Crusader on his comlink, hoping to get someone to help them inside, but hears only the clicks, beeps and whistles of a droid. T5 tells Kitt that someone is trying to talk to him and patches the message through. She is able to make contact with Rudi and figure out a way to get them into the airlock, but those plans are put on hold as the Sith shuttle that had been following the Jedi arrives, dropping off its devious occupants. And while Kitt is talking with T5 and Rudi, T5 is blasted into deactivation. The Sith shut the outer doors, trapping the Jedi in the vastness of space. Kitt locks the inner doors, stalling the Sith for a minute, as she notifies the Captain of their unexpected passengers and tries to hack into the interior airlock console to open the outer doors yet again. It works, and the outer doors begin to open again.

The Jedi do their best to tether themselves together and use their telekinetic Force abilities to propel them to the airlock. When they close in on the dastardly Sith a fight breaks out. Lightsabers flash as Rune, Rudi, Kol and Melina fight them off. Melina is able to defeat several of them with her use of Force Slam while Rune and Rudi concentrate on the aggressive Zabrak Sith warrior. They almost lose the mysterious stranger in a stray strike of Kol’s lightsaber, but he manages to get the stranger into the airlock. Things get worse for the stranger as he’s blasted into unconsciousness by the Sith.

With the mercenaries still nowhere to be seen, her droid friend struck down by the Sith, and the need to leave the system as soon as possible, Kitt finally closes the outer airlock doors, opens the inner ones, and blasts the Zabrak Sith in the back, striking the final blow against him.

“You Jedi…always having to make an entrance.”

Melina tends to the mysterious stranger, bringing him back to consciousness. He comments on the close call and finally removes his helmet to reveal himself to be a Rodian.

“I say chaps that was quite a spot of trouble. I’m Don Jannik, diplomat for the Republic,” he says in Basic, but with a distinct accent.

The group now safely aboard the Crusader, Kitt gives the go ahead to the Captain and the ship attempts to take off into hyperspace. The Captain then tells Kitt to show the new arrivals around the ship, and to escort them to the War Room to speak with him. Snibit shows great interest in the Jedi, telling them of the holovid he and Kitt once watched about them. Kol and Rune seem to hit it off with Snibit, telling him about the Jedi and their traditions. Before Snibit goes back to work, he tells Kitt that he’ll take T5 back to her room. Injured and in need of a bit of healing, Kitt escorts Rudi, Kol and Melina to the infirmary and the stellar care of the Crusader’s doctor, Ithorian Iliuum Tawron. Rune has a brief conversation with the doctor, revealing that he had an Ithorian Jedi Master and learned their language. Kitt then brings the remaining group to the bridge, where they are first introduced to the Crusader’s Captain, a dashing Dace Forma. He tells everyone about the extensive damage the ship has taken in the battle, and that it is preventing them from making the astrogation calculations. He asks Kitt to attempt to fix it, but when she tries it seems obvious it is beyond her capabilities and new parts will be needed. Captain Forma switches plans and gets Head Engineer Kag Soth Wyrr, a Givin, to calculate the necessary vectors in his head. When he finishes, the Crusader has what is needed to make the jump to hyperspace and they take off for the planet Belnar . Safe from danger for the moment, Kitt continues the tour, showing Rune, Don Jannik and the Republic representative their rooms.

The tour is not as interesting as the debate taking place in the infirmary. Rudi admonishes Kol for indulging Snibit in his interest in the Jedi, telling him that he would show him more later on. This leads into a debate between the two, Rudi talking about how everyone has their proper place in the galaxy. Snibit’s proper place is as the technician, and encouraging his interest in the Jedi will lead to disappointment and disillusionment. He goes onto make the point that everyone has their proper place in the galaxy, but that the place of the Jedi ranks higher than others for they are the protectors of the people, defenders of peace and justice. Kol cannot agree with this view point, standing by his opinion that everyone’s place in the galaxy of is equal importance and that the ability to wield the Force does not make them necessarily better than others. To attempt to end the argument, Melina steps in, her opinion echoing Kol’s.

Snibit meanwhile finds Rune, telling him to come with him to Kitt’s room. Though apprehensive of entering the woman’s room without her being there, Rune agrees. Kitt’s room reveals the deactivated and blaster burned T5 lying in front of her bed. Snibit declares that he’s going to fix him for Kitt, and that Rune should help. Though there’s a bit of confusion as Snibit asks for the various tools needed, the two make short work of the task and T5 is brought back. Kitt arrives in time to see, and thanks the two of them for the great surprise. It’s time to escort the Jedi to the war room to be formally introduced to the Captain, so Kitt takes Rune there, stopping by the infirmary to collect the others on the way.

Everyone gathered in the war room, Captain Forma introduces himself to Rudi, Kol and Melina, and gives a formal introduction to Don Jannik and Telsij. He goes onto explain that they are now aboard his ship, and while the Jedi serve the Jedi Council and the Republic, he is the one in charge of the Crusader.

“We took quite a bit of damage from the Sith before making the jump to hyperspace. We are going to have to make a stop at Belnar to buy the necessary replacement parts. It’s not that much out of the way, though. I’ll be sending you down to the planet to assist in procuring the parts, but I’ll brief you all in more detail when we arrive. In the meantime, Kitt will show you around the ship, help you learn your way around and all that,” Captain Forma says.

With time to spare until the Crusader arrives at Belnar, Kitt continues the tour, stopping by the cafeteria for dinner to introduce them to the ship’s cook, a Besalisk named Kroder Zessix. A jovial and good natured fellow, he announces that the dinner for that night is spaceburgers with cheese. Snibit arrives in time to request his with extra cheese, declaring that Dantooese cheese is the best cheese and convinces Kol to get his burger with cheese as well.

The group sit down to eat together, Snibit continuing his conversation with Kol, who mentions that he learned to appreciate good food from his Master, a Lepi named >Baugdon . Rune notices that Kitt is wearing the red sash of a Journeyman Protector around her waist and makes mention of it. She replies that she was indeed one of the Journeyman Protectors, the local law on her home planet of Concord Dawn . Kol asks her if she left because of a dishonorable discharge and Kitt emphasizes that she did not, she only left because it was time to go and see what was out there. The Jedi go on to find out that she is also a bounty hunter, one who has never had to kill a mark in her career. As they continue to talk, the ship’s morale officer, a Zeltron named Randi, sidles over their table, squeezing in next to Kol and Snibit. She makes various passes at Kol.

“I bet you could show me quite a few things with the Force,” she purrs.

Kitt leans forward towards Kol. “Innuendo.”

“I’ve heard about how strong the Jedi need to be. Maybe you could show me the results of your rigorous training,” Randi continues.

“Again, innuendo.”

“Yeah, thanks, I figured that one out on my own,” Kol replies. Though he goes on to tell Randi that he would indulge her curiosities about the Force.

After a few more minutes of barely hidden innuendos and poor Snibit squished against the wall, Randi finally leaves. The group is left to continue their conversations and Snibit is no longer squished.



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