Star Wars: Dark Age of the Republic

Session 15 - This Is My Planet

People gather in the outdoor eating area in the back of the cantina for the celebration. They drink and laugh and revel in the victory. Joy turns to horror in an instant as one of the townspeople falls forward; they’d been shot in the back of the head. This shot is followed by another, and another. Todrin falls to the ground from a blaster shot and Dr. Mors scrambles to help those injured. The mercenaries are far from finished.

Jumping into action, Baugs and Kol once again use the Force to enhance their speed and are gone in the blink of an eye. Rune grabs a speeder and Kitt joins him to provide fire along the way while Rudi takes his own speeder and Turgens takes the long way by running on foot. Hayde stays behind, providing them all cover fire with a spray of inaccurate blaster bolts.

The journey over there is long and tense, as the mercenaries plug away at the group the entire time. Baugs and Kol reach them first, and once again go into action with their lightsaber expertise. Rune, Kitt and Rudi arrive next, catching the rest of the mercenaries with blaster shots and more lightsaber strikes. The battle is quickly done once they all have reached the mercenaries and find themselves in possession of more mercenary speeders. Turgens is the last to arrive, after the action is all but over.

When the group discusses what to do next, they feel it is time to take the fight right to the mercenaries and take them now while they might be unprepared for a frontal assault. They decide to ride the speeders out to the mercenary compound while Turgens heads back to town.

This would seem like a good enough plan as any, but the group finds that something is very wrong when they arrive at the compound; it is empty. There is not a single mercenary there. Realizing this was what the mercenaries had wanted them to do, the party races back to town, worried they have just made a terrible mistake.

When they make it back to the outskirts of Sinla, they all stop and see that the place is crawling with mercenaries. They have taken over the entire town and it would be far too risky to just go in and start fighting them all. Everyone is now in danger; the townspeople, Turgens, Hayde and Snibit. When sensing them with the Force, the Jedi find that Hayde and Turgens have been beaten unconscious and left bound in the swoop shop. Baugs suggests there is another way than just a straight up fight, and the plan becomes one of surrendering. All of the Jedi will head into town together and surrender while Kitt remains out of sight in the woods, ready to come in when the time presents itself. It feels risky, but they are left with no other option. The Jedi walk into town, immediately confronted by mercenaries.

One of the mercenaries tells them their boss wants to speak with them and presents a holographic image of a man, Commander Vaarlac. The Jedi have caused him quite some trouble, and he is not fond of that in the least. After all, he has a great set up for his men and himself on this planet. They get what they want from the townspeople free of charge and in return the town remains peaceful. Vaarlac has carved himself out what he believes is a good place, his planet, and doesn’t want anything wrecking that. Ah, but getting rid of the Jedi in a permanent way would be unwise as well, he says, as it would attract attention from the Jedi Order and Republic. That’s far much more trouble than it’s worth. Instead, he offers them a deal; he’ll give them back Hayde and Snibit if they all leave the planet immediately. Another hard decision is in front of them, one that they do not want to go with, but again Baugs has the look that says, ‘There will be another way.’ Reluctantly, they agree, and Vaarlac gets his men to bring out Hayde and Snibit. Turgens, however, is not part of the deal, and must remain with the mercenaries and townspeople. Vaarlac has his men bring out a speeder truck to take the Jedi, Hayde and Snibit to the next town. He says he wants no Jedi tricks, mentioning he has experience with their kind and to ensure that he has his men bound and gag them for the trip. They drive away, spotted by Kitt still waiting in the woods. She tails them, staying far enough away to remain out of sight.

After arriving in the next town over, back where the party had arrived on Concord Dawn, the mercenaries untie them and leave. Things seem pretty grim and Kol is distressed at the idea of just leaving without helping the townspeople. Baugs reminds him of what he has been saying, and that he has no intention of just leaving them either. All they have to do is convince the mercenaries they have left, and they can do that by having Merga fly the shuttle out into orbit around the planet.

Snibit cries out suddenly, yelling about fire, about the town engulfed in flames. He is having a vision, one that sounds much like Milena’s. They realize, for the first time, that Snibit is Force Sensitive. The revelation excites Snibit and he starts talking about becoming a Jedi and that Kol could teach him the ways of the Force. Baugs supports this idea, and says the little fella’s got a lot of talent. Not quite knowing how to react to this, Kitt goes and calls her parents to let them know she won’t be home for dinner. Rudi goes to check up on Hayde, who is resting in the next building over. She’s been knocked around a little, but she’s fine. Rudi turns on the charm and the conversation turns into sex. The rest of the group decides to stay for the night and return to the mercenary oppressed town at dawn.

During the early hours of the morning the party sneaks back to the outskirts of the town, maintaining a safe distance away. Their first priority is to locate the townspeople and Turgens, and to that end the Jedi reach out with the Force to sense and see them. It appears that the mercenaries have divided the townspeople into two different buildings in town. After some discussion, the group agrees that a distraction for the mercenaries would be the way to go. Driving them away from the townspeople will make the task of saving them easier and throw the mercenaries off. Snibit says that if he can get some supplies, he could rig some explosives to be the big distraction. Going with that idea, he and Kitt are asked to sneak into town and take what is needed and set up the distraction.

The two decide to sneak into the weapons shop first, and are able to do so without rousing any suspicion. After taking what they need the two move onto the swoop shop, where the Jedi had felt the presence of one mercenary. Setting her rifle to stun while Snibit opens the door, Kitt catches the man off guard and within seconds stuns him. He falls to the ground unconscious, and Kitt restrains him in case he recovers before the fight is over. Snibit goes around the shop picking up the rest of what they need. With the supplies gathered, he sneaks around town, planting the explosives in places like the side of the cantina building, and a tree near the casino.

Everything is set and the explosives are set off. The resounding explosion is booming and many of the mercenaries run out into the streets to find out what happened. Commander Vaarlac stands from the doorway of the cantina, realizing that the Jedi have tricked him. He yells at his men to gather around him. The party storms both buildings where the townspeople are being held. Some of the mercenaries run out to come face to face with the Jedi, while Hayde takes out men still inside by shooting through the window. Their distraction had the intended effect; the explosion was loud enough to cover the sounds of the fighting. The party frees Turgens and the townspeople, but there is still Commander Vaarlac and the rest of his mercenaries to take care of. Kitt asks Snibit, using the large droid Rudi had bought earlier as a sort of mecha, to help protect the townspeople with Hayde while the others go take care of the mercenaries.

Kol runs for the main street, and is the first to come into Vaarlac’s sights. He and his men shoot at the Jedi but find him to be a difficult target to hit, both his natural reflexes and talent for redirection with the lightsaber proving to be invaluable. Vaarlac doesn’t let up, though, and continues to fire at him while some of the other mercenaries begin to lob grenades. Kitt decides to use the advantage of height again and grapples to the roof of a nearby building. This vantage point gives her a perfect shot at Vaarlac, and she begins concentrating her fire on him. With Vaarlac’s attention focused on Kol, Rune rushes around the battlefield, striking with deft lightsaber strokes at the many mercenaries lined along the street. One by one they begin to fall. Rudi stays to the side street, providing powerful back up with the use of his damaging telekinetic Force powers. Vaarlac’s advantages are disappearing, though he continues to fire at Kol. Turgens arrives, wanting to get a few shots in at Vaarlac. Kitt takes aim at the mercenary Commander, stating that this is her planet, and fires one last shot. It finds its mark and Vaarlac falls to the ground.

Sinla has been freed of the mercenaries at last.

Session 14 - The Ambush Plan

When lunch is finished, the group leaves the little café to attend the town hall meeting. They are met by Rudi along the way, finally catching up with them after oversleeping.

The townspeople are very concerned about the almost certain retaliation from the mercenaries from the rumble in the cantina. Some wonder if they can just placate them by letting them continue taking what they want, while Kol asserts that this is the time for them become free of their influence. Kitt agrees with this, trying to help get the townspeople to rally with them. An ambush plan could still work, they say, and now is the time for them to take back their freedom. There’s still fear from the dangers this plan could bring, but the townspeople end up agreeing to let the group do what they need to do. Several of them even throw their support behind the party, willing to take a stand with them. Hayde uses her training in tactics to come up with a plan to attempt to stop the mercenaries both outside the town and in. They’ll try to trip the mercenaries up in the woods outside of town with high tension wires, while inside the town they’ll try to barricade the rest on the main street.

With a lot to do and not a whole lot of time to do it, the group sets to work, with Kol delegating several of the tasks at hand. Seeking out new weaponry, he and Baugs head over to the weapons shop to talk to Todrin. It takes a bit of negotiating, but they strike a deal with him for blasters. They give this new batch of blasters to Hayde, who agrees to teach any of the townspeople interested in how to shoot. Todrin decides to take her up on the lessons and heads just outside of town to practice.

To attempt to pin the mercenaries into the trap barricades need to be made and Snibit makes quick work of writing up some schematics for that. Taking care of that, he asks Kol for a moment alone with him. Snibit asks him a bit about his lightsaber, and after Kol explains its importance to him and the Jedi, Snibit asks him if he could borrow it for a little while. Being the technical expert that he is, Snibit is sure he could improve upon it a little and it would help Kol in the upcoming battle. Although a little hesitant to relinquish his lightsaber for a moment, Kol gives his lightsaber to him, telling Snibit he trusts that he will make it better. Excited with this opportunity, Snibit runs off to work on it.

Knowing that there will be a lot of lifting and carrying of heavy materials, Rudi goes to the droid shop to see if there would be anything to help them. He finds a big hulking droid, one that would be perfectly suited to the task. Using his smooth talking and expert negotiating skills, Rudi makes a great deal with Ephin for the droid.

Deal making doesn’t go quite as smoothly for Kitt and Rune, who try to get a good price for the durasteel needed to build the barricades from Inyl Salaut at the general shop. Neither one of them is suited for negotiating prices and ends up paying the standard fee for the materials. They meet Rudi in front of the store and he has his new droid take the durasteel over to the swoop shop where they’ll build the barricades.

Heading to the general store after the others, Kol successfully barters with Inyl for the high tension wire needed for the other part of the plan.

Rune, Kitt, Baugs and Merga work into the night assembling the barricades while Rudi reads some magazines. When Kitt tries to call Snibit to come and pitch in, she finds that his comlink is off and he’s unreachable. Instead of breaking for dinner, Kol goes over to the cantina and picks up food and drinks for everyone. After working well into the night and building most of the barricades, the group decides to call it a night and head over to the inn for some sleep.

They are met at the inn by Snibit, who doesn’t say a word about what he’s been up to. He ends up sharing a room with Baugs for the night, while Hayde offers to stay with Kol. Before turning in, Kitt calls her parents to make sure everything is fine with them. They tell her it is, nothing is wrong, and that they are having Mr. Mandalore over for dinner. Relieved by this, Kitt turns in for the night. The room Kol and Hayde have to share is a bit small with only one bed. She tells him they can share; she doesn’t mind. Even with all the flirting Hayde throws his way, Kol still acts befuddled by it. Their talking disturbs Rudi enough that he bangs on the wall of his room, yelling at them to shut up so he can sleep.

Morning comes and the group gets ready for the busy day by having a filling pancake breakfast, though Baugs stops for a moment to entertain some local kids with Force enhanced juggling. The kids, Deboo Pethus, Jast Phalu, Minuk Chin, are in awe of the Jedi Master’s talents. With breakfast done, the group gets back to work on the barricades, knowing that their time is soon running out.

Before heading out into the woods, Snibit catches Kol and hands him back his lightsaber. It is all improved and harder hitting than before. Kol thanks him and then drives outside of town with Baugs and Merga to set up the wires. They manage to set this up just in the nick of time, as they see figures zooming towards them in the distance.

They hide off to the side, waiting to see if any of the mercenaries will be caught by the wire. When they come zooming past on their speeders three of them are snapped back by their trap while the rest ride past. The mercenaries thrown off their speeders rise to their feet and are met with the combined combat prowess of Master Baugdon and Kol. Between their expertise with the lightsaber and enhanced speed with the Force, the mercenaries are cut down. They were only three, though, and they must hurry back to town to help their friends with the rest.

Speeders roar into town, one by one racing down the main street. When there’s as many as can fit on the main street, the group springs their ambush. They pull out the barricade at one side of town while Turgens and Todrin cut off the other end with a speeder truck borrowed from another town over. Those mercenaries not caught in the trap drive away as fast as they can, but there are many left that are stuck and the big fight is on.

Rune leaps into the fray, landing powerful strikes with his lightsaber. Finding that the best vantage point if from the rooftops, Kitt works in tandem with him, shooting those trying to strike him from behind or weakening the mercenaries he’s going after. Rudi goes to his natural strengths, obliterating the mercenaries’ speeders with an impressive display of telekinesis. From the side street Hayde starts mowing mercenaries down with her repeating blaster rifle. Townspeople taught by her to wield blasters take shots at the mercenaries, as well. However, this earns the ire of the leader and he strikes one of them, Talo Baskil, down before deciding to take out the barricade.

The other mercenaries decide to go after the truck with Turgens and Todrin inside, lobbing several grenades at them. There’s an explosion and fire as the truck becomes damaged, but luckily the men inside survive.

Kol, Baugs and Merga arrive in town just as the dust settles and the battle is over. The victory excites the townspeople and they grab the group into a celebration at the cantina.

Session 13 - Lend a Hand

During a hearty breakfast the next morning (with Rudi absent, spending his time oversleeping) the group agrees to help Kitt’s parents out with the chores and tasks around the homestead. Taking on some of her old responsibilities, Kitt herds nerf with Snibit’s help, while Hayde milks them afterward. Rune is put to work shingling the roof, and Kol shovels manure. The morning passes into noontime and the tasks are eventually completed. Heading inside, Kitt hears her mother telling Hayde about her ‘wild days’ as a teenager taking speeders out for joyrides. When Kitt interjects that it was her brothers’ that were the wild ones, her mother says that’s where Kitt got it from. Their conversation escalates from there, with her mother’s voice becoming louder and shrill. When neither one seem to know what they were arguing about any longer, she grabs Kitt into a hug. Hayde seems to find the whole thing confusing but sweet.

As Turgens arrives to take the group into the town of Sinla once again Kitt tries to impress upon her parents the importance of notifying her if anything on the farm seems amiss. They are still indifferent to this whole Sith threat and tell Kitt to do her job and not worry about them. Leaving Rudi to catch up on his beauty sleep, the group head into town.

When they arrive, the group discusses different possible plans to drive the mercenaries away. There aren’t too many that take off, and the best one they end up agreeing on is an ambush. If the mercenaries come to town regularly, the party should be able to find a way to take them by surprise. They decide to discuss this plan with different people in town and see if any of them would be willing to fight with them or lend them aid.

It’s the weapons dealer they seek out first, a man that goes by the name Todrin Keyis. While he’s more than willing to sell them arms he is less than enthusiastic about fighting against the mercenaries. The second place the group heads to, the local droid shop, yields the same result. The owner, Ephin Chin, is too concerned about possible retaliation to even attempt at fighting against them.

Stepping outside the droid shop, the group hears someone yell, “The mercenaries are coming!”

Staying out of sight, they watch as several speeders pull into town. The mercenaries are harsh looking men, who immediately ask one of the locals if they’ve seen the Jedi. When the locals tell them they haven’t, the mercenaries stalk off into the cantina.

Seeing this as an opportunity to listen in on them, the group splits up and takes different routes to the cantina. Kol uses the Force to enhance his jumping abilities and lands on the roof of the cantina while Rune attempts to sneak up from one of the side streets and across the main one to the cantina. Turgens, Kitt and Snibit end up sneaking around the back of the building, looking for a back door to listen through. As stealthy as they try to be, the mercenaries become aware of the group and a fight ensues.

Not to be bothered with jumping down to the street and going through the door, Kol just slices a hole through the roof and falls to a table below. This tactic works pretty well for him, and he continues to fight on top of the table. Turgens, Kitt and Snibit burst in from the back, soon followed by Rune. From across the street, Hayde takes aim with her very large blaster and shoots the windows to pieces, catching a few of the mercenaries in the shots. Soon the fight is over, leaving a very damaged cantina in its wake.

The damage gets the party a stern berating from the bartender, Morea Pace, and the town’s doctor, Dr. Gara Mors. They’ve brought a new level of violence and destruction to the town, and the doctor is particularly dismayed at the violence. The group apologizes and says they’ll pay for the damage to the cantina. This doesn’t take care of the problem of the mercenaries, though, Dr. Mors tells them. She tells them there will be a town meeting for everyone to decide how they want to handle this.

With a little bit of time before the meeting, the party decides to check out the mercenaries’ speeders to see if they could possibly use them for a direct ambush attack on the mercenaries’ hideout. They are parked around the corner from the cantina, just at the edge of the town. As they take a look at the speeders, a cloaked figure walks into view. Both Rune and Kol immediately sense the Force and expect the figure to be the Sith they’ve been waiting for. Everyone draws their weapons in preparation and immediately finds their hands empty as the figure yanks them away with deft use of the Force. An intense moment passes as the figure approaches them. They pull back the hood of their cloak, revealing themselves to be a Lepi, and a very familiar voice calls out to Kol.

“Eh, what’s up, Kol?”

Kol grins and introduces everyone to his master, Jedi Master Baugdon, or Baugs as he likes to be called. Baugs introduces everybody to his droid friend, who he refers to as Merga. Although old and a bit slow, Merga has gotten Baugs and Kol out of many a jam in their time. Baugs mentions that he had received Kol’s long ago message through the Force that he needed his aid and had come to help. To catch up on old times, the Jedi Master suggests the group head over to the nearby café for a bite to eat. Cheeseburgers, of course.

Master Baugdon tells everyone a little bit about his travels through the universe, and his philosophy on the Force. Lord Hoth is gathering his Army of Light on Ruusan, he says, and speaks about the possibility of that battle to be the end of the war. Baugs says that fighting in the war isn’t everyone’s path, though, and the Force will show everyone in some way where they need to be, just as it showed him here to Kol. Kol tells his master about the time when he had sought his advice, and that he had eventually chosen to leave Trista and Contruum to continue traveling through the galaxy. Baugs tells the group that whatever trouble they’re having with the mercenaries, he’s here to help.

Session 12 - Hometown

While relieved at the Captain’s timely arrival, it still isn’t time to celebrate. He apologizes for not coming to the rescue sooner; he had been busy helping several prisoners the pirates were keeping. Rudi helps bring Rune back to consciousness, and then recounts the basics of what had happened since getting separated from the Captain. Kitt, noticing that Kol is still absent, calls him on the comlink to see if he’s alright. Running well into the jungle before the fear faded in his mind, Kol is indeed a bit lost. He attempts to find his way back to the pirates’ hideout, as Kitt starts following his trail into the jungle. After a little effort, Kitt tracks him down and leads him back to the hideout. He expresses disappointment and concern for having run out on the entire fight, which Kitt assures him not to worry about.

Now that everyone is conscious and in the same place, it is time to secure their passage off the planet. With the shuttle the pirates were using operational, all they need to do is salvage the remainder of the proto-prototype heat shield from the crashed shuttle. The party makes it way back there; with Mace and Kitt working double-time to remove the parts in the best way possible. Once that is taken care off, the group (now with the female prisoners the Captain rescued) makes the intense trip through Metalorn’s atmosphere. This time it goes off without the near meltdown and crashing, and they pass through the atmosphere in one piece. They immediately jet off for the Crusader, having to announce that they are part of the crew and they have Captain Forma with them. Hearing this, they are given permission to dock.

Rish is extremely pleased to have the Captain back (which you can tell from her slightly less harsh demeanor), and makes the formal announcement to the crew of his return. The feeling around the ship lightens, breathing out a collective sigh of relief. Captain Forma assures her that he was confident that it would all work out the way it had, and that they did well in his absence. Rune, feeling the injuries from his recent battles weighing heavily on him, seeks out the medical bay and Iliuum’s bacta tanks. This feeling of levity on the ship doesn’t seep in for Kitt, who reluctantly seeks out medical aid as well. Seeing an opportunity to celebrate and bring the crew together, Kol starts talking to everyone in the hopes of throwing a big party. To this end, he seeks out help from Randi, seeing that she’s the morale officer. She throws a few innuendos his way, which Kol allows to go right past him, but does agree to help throwing the bash.

Hours pass, much too slowly for Kitt’s taste, while she is stuck in the bacta tank. Snibit and T5 arrive just at the end, making eating motions to her before draining the tank. When she asks him what this is about, Snibit declares that it’s time for the ice cream social! She and Rune have to come and get some ice cream, so Snibit came to make sure they wouldn’t miss it. Although the party mood still isn’t high on Kitt’s list, she goes along anyway. How could anyone pass up an ice cream social?

Everyone seems to be enjoying the party, mingling, eating and being merry. There is a surprising variety of ice cream for a ship (Kroder always seems extremely well prepared for ice cream parties), and everyone is able to find a flavor they can enjoy. Kitt immediately goes to talk to Captain Forma, passing by Rudi as he chats up Hayde. Captain Forma is being his charming self, talking with the ladies he saved from the pirates when Kitt goes to interrupt. She gets right to the point, telling him she has to go home, Concord Dawn. It only takes a moment’s pause by the Captain to figure out why. He agrees, and offers her the recently acquired shuttle for transportation. Before he’s finished hashing out the details—

Kol jumps into the conversation, declaring that if Kitt has to go then he’ll go too. Snibit echoes the sentiment, not wanting his friend to face this situation without him. Kitt is a bit caught for words, but does manage to thank them for the offer. Rune takes this opportunity to apologize to Kitt for what he perceived as failure on his part to stop the Sith assassins. He expresses that he should have been more vigilant, as Sith hunting is what he was trained to do best. Kitt tries to reassure him that it’s all fine, Sith are tricky after all, and as long as no one died you have to call it a good day of some kind. Rune stays firm in his idea that he needs to do better and assures her he won’t fail her again. Now that is seems more like a real group field trip, Captain Forma asks Hayde to go along with them.

Remembering something else he needed to talk about, Rune approaches Rudi about the fight with the pirates. He warns him of the feelings of anger and pride he felt coming from Rudi then, and to be cautious of them leading him to a darker path. Rudi says Rune is just overreacting, playing the hyper vigilant Jedi, and that there is nothing to worry about from him.

In a more concerted effort to cheer up Kitt, Kol ushers her over to the counter to choose some ice cream. As she mulls over the myriad of choices, Kol reminds her that there are times that people should rely on their friends; no one can go it alone all the time. This is one of those times, Kol feels, and he tells her she can count on him for help. Kitt thanks him, for the words and the ice cream, noting that it means a great deal. At that moment they’re interrupted by Randi, who drops by to pick out her own ice cream. Even responding to the question, “What kind of ice cream are you getting?” results in flirty response. She continues to throw a few more innuendos Kol’s way, to which Kitt responds “innuendo” to each one until Randi takes her ice cream back to the party. Kol mentions that he’s aware of what Randi is getting at, so Kitt no longer needs to provide subtitles for him.

Telsij, overhearing that Rune would be leaving again soon, approaches him to talk for a few minutes. She is worried, and expresses concern for his safety out on his trip. Rune brushes this off, stating that he will be fine. It seems that Telsij is more than just the regular kind of concerned, and tells him that she cares for him. Without saying it in so many words, Telsij is trying to tell Rune that she has romantic feeling for him. Whether out of wishing to not notice out of strict adherence to the Jedi Code, or just actually not noticing, Rune doesn’t pick up on any of it. He just reassures her he’ll be fine.

Having been brushed off by Hayde, Rudi spends his time at the party mingling until Randi approaches him again. The two seem to make up (yet again, it’s hard to tell now how many times they argue and make up), and as the party winds down, Randi takes him back to her room.

The next day there is a knocking on Kitt’s door as she is finishing packing to leave. It’s Melina, who relates a horrible dream she had the night before. More of a vision, really, she asserts. She saw Kitt, surrounded by enemies, in a village burning to the ground. Feeling that it was one of those prophetic dreams, Melina thought it was necessary to let Kitt know. Kitt doesn’t know what to make of it, and can only respond with a laconic thank you. Melina warns her to be careful.

After leaving, Melina runs into Kol, who is making his way to the hangar bay. She relates the dream to him as well, also warning him to be careful. Kol is alarmed by the vision, and that it is Kitt alone surrounded by enemies. He thanks Melina for the warning.

The group gathers in the hangar, where Kag is waiting for them. He tells Kitt that the shuttle is prepared for their take off and warns her that they will need to remove the proto-prototype heat shield as soon as they return from Concord Dawn. Kitt acknowledges that and gets into the shuttle for take off, but not before Kol tells her of Melina’s vision, which she replies she already heard about. He seems more worried about it than Kitt does, reiterating that he’ll do everything he can to help and make sure that the vision does not happen. When everyone’s finally settled in, they make the jump to hyperspeed and zoom off for Concord Dawn.

A ship rises from the intense atmosphere of Metalorn. One menacing voice proclaims they have failed and lost the woman. Another voice cuts in, saying that they hadn’t yet. There is still another chance. Their ship flashes off into hyperspace, following the party.

It doesn’t take long to arrive at Concord Dawn. Kitt explains to everyone that the planet is mostly farmland, and they’ll have to land about a town over from where her parents’ farm is. Only a minute or two out into the town and the group can already hear some sort of commotion going on. Kitt thinks she recognizes one of the men talking, but can’t remember his name. He remembers her, though, and calls her by name when the group comes up to ask what is going on. The man, a Journeyman Protector, introduces himself as Turgens, who took over some of Kitt’s jurisdiction when she left. Things aren’t going well for him, though, explaining that his partner was just killed by mercenaries from the war that had settled on Concord Dawn. They have no respect for tradition and won’t let Turgens give him a proper burial in the graveyard. The people in town don’t want to deal with the trouble, won’t help Turgens get to graveyard and tell him to turn away. Kitt tells Turgens they’ll help him get his partner a proper burial, and asks if afterwards he could give them a lift to the Drasco Homestead.

They all load into Turgens’s speeder and take off through town. It doesn’t take long before Rudi spots a mercenary ready and waiting with a sniper rifle on the second floor of a building. With some deft use of telekinesis, Rudi pulls the rifle from the mercenary and hands it over to Kitt. This is just the beginning, as the group is shot at by other mercenaries waiting in other buildings. The group fends them off, Hayde putting her very large blaster to good use.

The rest of the ride to the graveyard is quiet in comparison. It is only when they finally reach the place that they are confronted by more mercenaries who were waiting there for them. The party splits off to fight them. Rune and Rudi taking on half of them with help from Turgens and Hayde, who stay by the speeder, while Kol speeds off to take care of the others as Kitt assists him and keeps Snibit clear of attacks at the same time. Shots are exchanged, Turgens taking a few bad hits, and Hayde finding some difficulty with her blaster at one point, but the mercenaries are eventually taken care of. Soon only one of them is left alive, fighting against Kol. The mercenary surrenders, and the party strip him of his comlink and weapons before sending him back to his fellows. With the graveyard safe, Turgens is able to bury his partner, helped by the rest of the group. He agrees to lend them a few speeder bikes to take them out to the Drasco Homestead, and briefly talks about how he has been going to visit Kitt’s parents regularly to make sure they’re still doing fine. Kitt tells him she appreciates him doing that, seeing that they’d been on their own since she left.

As they ride towards the Drasco Homestead, Rudi asks Kitt how long her family has lived on their farm to which she only replies “a very long while.” Any other conversation is cut off as they notice smoke rising on the horizon, Kitt muttering that it is, “Coming from…home.” She is gone the next second, pushing the speeder bike as fast as it can go, leaving everyone behind. The farmlands around Kitt blur as she races with urgency back home. She ditches the speeder bike in the front yard and runs around to the back where the smoke is coming from, calling out to her parents. When she rounds to the backyard she sees—

Her father, standing over a very large rack of bantha ribs on the barbecue, her mother nearby along with their neighbor who Kitt only knows as “Mr. Mandalore.” It’s just a backyard barbecue that she’s run in on. When her parents realize it’s Kitt they run over to say hello, her mother almost shouting about Kitt’s return. They proclaim they thought she had died (to Kitt’s dismay and realization she should have known nothing she’d send would get back to them), that it’s been almost three years since she left, and ask her if she had found her brothers. Kitt is apologetic for it all, but moves onto the issue she finds most urgent: the Sith assassins. Her father doesn’t seem too concerned, declaring that he’ll defend their home no matter who comes after them.

Kitt wants to impress upon him the seriousness of the matter, but is distracted by the arrival of the rest of the group. Though they are worried at first about her rushing off, they are pretty relieved to find a barbecue going on. Kitt introduces them all to her parents, having to note that a few of them are Jedi and soon they are all sitting around the table enjoying the barbecue. Kitt’s father first assumes that Rudi, who is decked in one of his suits, is Kitt’s lawyer of some kind rather than Jedi, then assumes that Rune and Kitt are ‘together,’ which she immediately corrects. Both her parents assert that she should have someone in her life, and Kitt tells them that she did but it was a while ago. Kitt seems relieved when the conversation moves to other topics, like Kol’s ‘healthy’ eating habits, and telling her parents about her best friend Snibit. Her parents talk about how Turgens had been kind enough to look in on them since Kitt left, and he explains a little bit more about the troublemaking mercenaries. Realizing the kind of trouble they could be for the town, the group agrees to help put this situation to rest. By the end of the meal the group is invited to stay the night the gals in Kitt’s old room with the Jedi in her brothers’ old room.

When they do decide to retire for the night, Kitt leads Hayde up to her old room. Taking a good look around, noting that it is sparsely decorated, Hayde remarks, “Not a very girly room, is it?”

Session 11 - Lost and Found

The group flies back to the Crusader through the treacherous asteroid field in low spirits after the separation from the Captain. Even before hearing the news about the Captain the crew is in a state of alarm. Rish informs them that Orion, their Sith prisoner, has escaped, killing the officer captured with him, the mercenaries guarding him, and seriously injuring Melina. He left a swatch of destruction as he stole one of the Crusader’s fighters and sped away. Of course, as soon as she finishes telling the group this, she promptly freaks out about the Captain being missing. The group explains how things went wrong (including a phrase about Rune’s definition of stealth is not so stealthy) as quickly as possible, relating to Rish the Captain’s orders to blast the pirate asteroid base away. Rish takes command, rather strict command, and orders the ship through the asteroid field to the hideout as quickly as possible, even allowing the ship to just smash through asteroids along the way. Not needed during this race to the hideout, Rudi goes to see Randi and once again the two go at it. Once the Crusader reaches the coordinates, they follow through and blast the hideout into millions of tiny pieces. Kol reaches out with the Force, hoping to get the sense that the Captain had not been on the asteroid hideout when they blasted it. He does sense Captain Forma there, though he does sense Orion heading towards Nickel 1 and two powerful dark siders. He reassures Rish that he is sure Captain Forma wasn’t on the asteroid when it blew up.

While Mace and Kitt were able to find out the where the pirates have run off to, the problem becomes that there isn’t a way to get through the intense heat of Metalorn’s atmosphere. With no other option, Rish orders the Crusader back to Nickel 1 so the party can speak with Ked’Ix for a possible solution. Since it will take some time to get back to Nickel 1, Kol, Rune and Rudi (apparently having had enough sex for the time being), decide to go see how Melina is while Kitt decides to investigate Orion’s break out.

Bedridden, Melina looks tired but stable. The Jedi are all concerned about her injuries, asking her if she is truly alright and what had happened. She relates to them as much of the story as she can, but finds the events very troubling and her injuries as a failure of her abilities. Rudi wants to press Melina to reveal more about the exact order of the events, even suggesting using her farseeing ability to see more of what happened. Kol and Rune balk at the idea, asserting that Melina needs rest. Frustrated with their apparent lack of initiative, Rudi leaves. Soon after Rune decides to leave as well, wanting to conduct his own investigation, leaving just Kol to comfort Melina. They continue to talk for a little while, Melina voicing her disappointment in herself for letting Orion escape, remarking it as a failure as a Jedi on her part. Kol reassures her that she did everything that she could and shouldn’t feel like a failure for that. His words do seem to ease Melina’s anxiety, and Kol tells her to get some rest.

The first place Kitt decides to check out is the exact place where Orion broke out. She is able to discern that the key code for his door was used to get him out of his room, while he sliced through the officer’s door to behead him. This seems strange, and raises questions about how Orion got a hold of a lightsaber in the first place, and how could he let himself out. Kitt’s investigation is interrupted by Rudi, who storms up to her talking about stuff Jedi sentiments keeping them from getting business done. He mimics Kol and Rune’s disagreement with Rudi’s pressing Melina on what happened with his hands to which a confused Kitt can only reply, “Jedi hand puppet theater?”

Once he explains things more thoroughly, Kitt agrees that sometimes you have to recount unpleasant things to get the job done and the two decide to work together to figure out how Orion escaped. They follow the trail of burns with the lightsaber and follow it first to the hanger, where Snibit recounts for them that he and T5 saw Orion jump into a fighter and speed away, and then to engineering. They speak with an engineer there, who recounts the story of another unfortunate technician that was found in a store room without his head. After some further questioning, it seems that the poor man had died from a strike with a lightsaber. Rudi and Kitt wonder why a lightsaber had been stored there, until they remember the Zabrak Sith they all fought when they met in orbit around Anaxes. As frustrating as it is that the lightsaber had ended up there and unattended, the important question of how it got to Orion remains. Rudi is more convinced than ever the need to ask Melina to use her farseeing abilities to go back to the incident from the beginning.

Rune, however, decides to take a different path to investigate Orion’s break out. He goes to visit Raek, and asks him everything he knows of Orion’s escape. Raek seems confused to be asked about the situation and can’t provide Rune with anything other than Orion going to the hanger and taking one of the squadron’s fighters. Without anything else to be gleaned, Rune decides to move onto his next idea.

Whatever his idea is, however, has to be put on hold as the party returns to Nickel 1. They meet with Ked’Ix, who is dismayed that things aren’t going well and his heat shield is still in the grasp of the pirates. The party informs him of their hideout on Metalorn and asks for any sort of prototype heat shield that could get them through the atmosphere to get his work back. All of his prototype work was stolen by the pirates, Ked’Ix reiterates, leaving him with a questionable proto-prototype. There is no way for him to give it to them, though; as it is the property of the company he works for. That is, unless, Ked’Ix just happens to turn his back at the wrong time, he suggests. If the proto-prototype went missing, but he got all of his original research back, what real harm would be done in the end? Picking up on the suggestion he is giving them, the party pick up the proto-prototype and hustle back to the Crusader.

Time is of the essence now, and Rish orders all technicians on the Crusader to work on installing the proto-prototype heat shield onto one of their shuttles. She impresses upon them just how little time they have, as the trip to Metalorn is not a long one. They get to work at a furious pace, desperate to figure out a way to make it work.

Left to his own devices again, Rune picks up his investigation where he left off. Amazingly, he ends up retracing the steps that Kitt and Rudi had taken, leading him to speak with the very same technician. He is unable to pick up anything new that they hadn’t found out, but still has a strong idea of where to go next.

Rudi, continuing his investigation, goes to visit Melina. She seems to be in better spirits than earlier, and with his gift for speech, Rudi makes a persuasive argument for her to use her farseeing to truly know how the lightsaber got to Orion. Though hesitant, Melina does eventually agree and relates to him what she sees. It seemed that the lightsaber traveled through the hallway, not carried by any hand, but guided by the Force. She sees it causing scorch marks on the walls and heading up to the guards outside of Orion’s room. Her vision ends, and Melina becomes exhausted. While it doesn’t answer how Orion even knew there was an unattended lightsaber on the ship, it does seem to answer how it got to him. Rudi thanks her and goes to leave, bumping right into Kol who was coming to check up on Melina. He sees that she looks emotionally and physically exhausted. This causes some worry with Kol, making him wonder just what Rudi had been doing with her.

Surprisingly, Rune pays a visit to Don Jannik. Don is extremely pleased to see him, though, and says he’s up for whatever the Jedi has in mind. Rune tells him he wants them to pay a visit to Randi, which sounds like fun to Don. When Rune adds that the Rodian should take his rifle with him, this sounds confusing but Don agrees anyway. The two head over to the morale officer’s room, and lucky for them Randi happens to be in. Rune asks to come in for a talk, and Don is excited to come along, but is told by Rune to wait outside. Baffled, Don waits out in the hall, muttering that he thought he was supposed to go in there with him.

Rune seems convinced that Randi had a part in Orion’s escape and does his best to get her to admit to it, bringing up the mercenaries that she had been seen with were the ones that ended up killed in the break out. Randi dismisses this as important; after all she is the morale officer, and keeping their spirits up is part of her job. This doesn’t deter Rune, though, and he presses Randi to admit to something, even using Rudi sleeping with Danni on Contruum as bait to make her angry. Indeed it does, but it doesn’t cause her to say anything other than for Rune to get out of her room. She in fact forces him out, now incensed about Rudi’s tomcatting.

Of course, as she forces Rune out is when Rudi decides to drop by for a visit. Pissed off, Randi just shuts her door and locks it, not answering to Rudi’s calls. He immediately suspects this sudden turn in attitude is due to in some part to Rune, and presses his fellow Jedi about it. Rune admits to nothing except that he talked to Randi about a few things, while Don stands by confused by all of it. Feeling that Rune is being dishonest, Rudi uses his Jedi Mind Trick to force answers out of him, telling Rune to tell him “Everything he talked about with Randi.” Compelled, Rune spills about pursuing the line of questioning to pin Randi for Orion’s escape and telling her about Rudi’s good times with Danni. Considering it as a betrayal of trust, Rudi calls Rune out about it all, though he remains steady in the belief that he did the right thing questioning Randi. The both of them continue to argue.

Having worked for a day straight, the technicians find themselves at their wits end with the heat shield. Attaching it to the shuttle and assuring its durability against the heat of Metalorn’s atmosphere just seem to be escaping them, and most decide to take a few hours off for sleep. In the end, even Kitt decides to get a bit of rest. Snibit tells Kitt that he plans to work a little while longer on the shield and is let on his own to work.

Morning (well, y’know, morning-ish) comes and Kitt finds herself running into Kol in the cafeteria, grabbing some breakfast. She joins him and the two catch up on what they’ve been doing on the ship, though the conversation does eventually turn to Kitt explaining to Kol that Rish’s cold shoulder to him is due to her infatuation with him. Kroder jumps in on that, laughing jovially about it and all the attention Kol gets from the lady folk. This leads into conversation about relationships in general, Kitt asserting to Kol that being really nice to women tends to give them the signal that they’re ‘special’ to him and causes confusion when they see him being nice to other girls. He wonders about being able to have a relationship with his kind of life, though Kitt tells him he can as long as he finds a woman with a similar lifestyle. She goes on to say that it’s hard to really know people sometimes. Why, you could even know them, and be deeply involved in someone’s life for years and see the person slip away. It is unclear whether Kitt is referring to any personal experience or just more of her general philosophy in life, but Kol doesn’t push to find out just taking her advice as it stands.

Their conversation is interrupted by Snibit, who drags himself over to their table exhausted from lack of sleep. He mutters to Kitt that he fixed the shield, explaining that he had to change the basic idea to make it work (and that it should be all set) but that it could still fail if pushed too hard before collapsing next to his breakfast. Kitt does her best to make him comfortable, but is unable to heap the praise on him that he deserves for his technical genius. Only moments later she and Kol are forced to leave him asleep with Kroder, called by Rish to get ready to leave now that the shield is ready.

Kol and Kitt meet up with Rudi, Rune, Mace and Rish in the hangar. She briefly tells them that finishing the mission is of utmost importance but adds, with her stern demeanor, that they better come back with the Captain “or don’t come back at all.” Her meaning is loud and clear to the party, and they prepare for departure, with Kitt in the pilot’s seat.

Metalorn’s scorching atmosphere is everything it has been advertised to be, but Snibit’s modifications on the heat shield do initially keep everything together. This doesn’t last long, though, as violent turbulence gives Kitt’s piloting skills a lot of trouble, and Mace’s technical expertise pushes the heat shield as far as it can go. They both push the shuttle to its limits, but it doesn’t seem to be doing them much good. Kitt tells them, “We’re having trouble with everything, so we’re experiencing some slight turbulence and then…explode.” Rudi replies, “I don’t want to explode.” He tries to think of ways to keep the shuttle together with the Force, but can’t really think of anything without the shuttle getting clear of the searing atmosphere. Rune attempts to assist Kitt’s piloting, and does his best to aid her. Kol doesn’t seem to hear any of this, sleeping through the conversation and turbulence. He only seems to wake up when the heat begins to seep into the shuttle, bringing the temperature around them up, and even then only thinks of perhaps using the heat around the shuttle to fry eggs. It takes some amount of luck and skill, but Kitt and Mace manage to squeeze enough life out of the shuttle to survive the flight through the atmosphere but as soon as they’re clear of the intense heat every system in the shuttle shuts down.

They’re effectively crashing to the ground.

“Ground sure is rushing up to meet us,” Kitt remarks as the tries without success to resuscitate the shuttle’s systems.

Now clear of the heated atmosphere, Rudi is able to put his telekinetic skills to good use and manages to slow down the shuttle so that what was becoming a fatal crash turns into the non-fatal variety. He guides the shuttle down, and it comes to a bumpy stop in the thick jungles of Metalorn. Enjoying the food he fried in the heated shuttle, Kol remains cheerfully laid back about the entire ordeal. After a little inspection, Kitt and Mace come to the conclusion that, for lack of a better term, the shuttle has carked it and won’t be flying again anytime soon. They’ll have to find some other way to get off-planet now. Their more pressing matter becomes finding the pirate’s hideout through the overgrown jungle.

To that end, Kitt ends up using her tracking experience to good use and finds them a trail through the foliage. Things progress well for a while, until the party runs afoul of an angry (or perhaps hungry) creature that immediately attacks them. A fight ensues, with the group’s combined efforts quickly overcoming the rampaging animal. To avoid attracting any more attention, they move on through their forged path, soon finding themselves at the outskirts of the pirate’s hideout they were seeking.

Several pirates are easy to spot through the leaves and brush of the jungle as they patrol around the perimeter. The group discusses (argue might be a better word) the best tactic to fight against them, some wanting to use the element of surprise to take them out with stealth almost one by one. Of course, that plan doesn’t work to straightforward fighting Rune’s style of combat and recent failure at stealth. This ‘discussion’ ruins the true element of surprise, catching the ear of one of the nearby pirates. As he goes to investigate the noise, Kitt steps forward, takes aim and fires with her rifle. Her aim is true, so true that the pirate falls to the ground dead in one shot. It appears that they still might have a chance to strike from the shadows, and to that end Kitt and Mace quietly make their way to the corner of the closest building. While their footfalls might have been silent, they immediately find that the other pirates nearby are closing in and the quiet tactic is officially out the window. Violence is most imminent.

Pirates swarm towards the group, even the big fella himself Bak is among them, leading his band against the party alongside his lieutenant. Rudi considers them to be the biggest threats, and concentrates his efforts on them, aided by Rune’s lightsaber skills and Mace’s shooting. Kol speeds away from them, towards a few pirates farther away, and engages in combat with them. While his attention is on one pirate in front of him, another attempts to cut him down. The pirate finds that it won’t be so easy, as Kitt picks at him and the other pirates Kol is fighting at from a distance, once again having Kol’s back in a fight.

Bak and his lieutenant are proving to be tougher than Rudi had anticipated, and neither one will go down without a vigorous fight. Mace is doing his best, shooting down the other pirates around them, while Rune attracts some attention away from Mace and Rudi with his up close fighting. Falling back on what he feels he does best, Rudi attempts to mind trick Bak into getting him and his men to surrender, but the effect is momentary if anything. The pirates Mace is fighting finally get the better of him, and the poor technician falls unconscious to the ground. Vexed at his failed technique and Mace’s predicament, Rudi calls on his other favorite tactic by hurling a heavy object at the pirate with his telekinesis. When the strike finds its mark, and causes quite a bit of damage, Rudi feels a sense of pride. Ah, but anger and pride with the Force tend to cause a bit of a Dark Side hubbub, and while Rune is distracted in the fight, he feels the presence around Rudi nonetheless. The two continue to work together to finish off Bak, his lieutenant and the rest of the pirates.

It was hard fought, but the battle is won and Rudi quickly uses his talents to help Mace regain consciousness. They patch him up as best they can and decide to set to work exploring the rest of hideout to recover Ked’Ix’s plans, anything else Bak’s men had been hiding, and Captain Forma. First they check out one building that turns out to be a computer room. Kitt sets straight to work recovering everything she can while the others decide to check out the large building across the way. This one turns out to be a warehouse full of the pirates’ ill-gotten gain. Looking around some more, the fellas see a shuttle that could perhaps be where the Captain was hiding out or a suitable transport off Metalorn while Kitt continues to download Ked’Ix’s plans onto her datapad. As the fellas approach the shuttle there is a sudden explosion, catching Rune and Mace in the strange blast. Two dark figures emerge, a broad shouldered one wielding a unique blaster, the smaller one brandishing a red lightsaber. Suddenly the two dark side figures that Kol had sensed recently are of immediate importance. One of them commands, “Capture the woman, kill the others.”

The sound of the blast and the menacing order catch Kitt’s attention and she rushes to finish her computer hackery before running out to find herself in a middle of a desperate fight against these Sith assassins. One of them turns his attention to Kol, instilling in him an overwhelming sense of fear. With no hesitation, Kol turns around and races away from the fight, disappearing from view into the jungle. Mace does his best to shoot at the two tricky bastards, but finds himself unable to get a bead on them. Rune does his up close and personal fighting, but is still at less than full strength after the last fight. Though he fights hard, he eventually rolls with one hit too many, and collapses to the ground unconscious. Kitt tries to distract the assassins, calling for them to come and get her, but it only garners a grin and an assurance that they most definitely will.

Rudi once again uses the talents that work best for him, and turns the mind tricks back onto the Sith. He instills the same overwhelming fear, enough to make the smaller assassin turn tail and run from him and the fight. This evens the odds a little, but not a whole lot when the larger assassin (apparently a Dashade) proves to be pretty damn strong. Kitt blasts away at him with her rifle while Rudi yanks the assassin’s blaster right from his hand with such accuracy that he feels the Force gathering stronger within him once again. Being sans blaster doesn’t bother the Dashade, since he switches without hesitation to his red lightsaber. With renewed strength with the Force, Rudi mind tricks the Dashade into kneeling before him. This gives Kitt enough time to grab the assassin’s lightsaber, but the surrendering is short lived. Kitt aims a powerful shot at the assassin but his laughter shows them that the blast only provided healing to him rather than damage. Victory seems to be slipping away with every trick the assassin turns around on them, and their resources are dwindling…


A shot hits the Dashade assassin square in the back. The three of them turn to see Captain Forma, standing near the shuttle with his blaster at the ready!

“Stay the hell away from my crew,” he says.

The assassin runs off, disappearing into the jungle, ending the fight for now.

Session 10 - Captain’s Orders

As the Crusader drops out of hyperspace, they immediately receive a distress signal by several freighters under siege by pirates. Captain Forma orders the ship into action, and the party assumes gunner positions. Unfortunately, the freighter’s escort is destroyed before the Crusader arrives, and even with some lucky shooting done by the party, one of the freighters is also destroyed. However, the Crusader does manage to destroy a few of the pirate ships before the remaining ones retreat to their base. The battle now over, the Crusader agrees to escort the remaining freighters to Nickel One.

When they arrive, Captain Forma announces he is going to be leading the party, leaving 1st mate Rish in charge while he is not there. Hearing his orders, Twi’lek co-pilot Ni’ma demands that she go along with him. The Captain won’t hear of it though, telling her it’d be better for her to stay on the ship this time. Instead, the head technician Mace joins the groups going out, saying that he needs to watch the Captain’s back.

Having that settled, the group boards the shuttle and heads over to Nickel One. As they fly, Mace starts talking about how he used to work for the Captain’s father. He speaks of him very fondly, and mentions that in his younger days the Captain could stir up trouble of his own if he wanted to in a pirate-ish manner. When Forma took up his position, Mace promised his father that he’d look after him. These interesting stories from Mace speed up the time it takes to get over to Nickel One.

Once there, the Verpine the Captain and crew rescued greets the group. He introduces himself as Ked’Ix, an engineer working for the company Slayn & Korpil, and thanks everyone for saving him. Unfortunately, the pirates were able to get a hold of some of his important work on an experimental heat shield and the prototype of it he was working on. Captain Forma and Mace aren’t happy to hear Ked’Ix talk about the leader of the pirates, a Shistavanen named Bak “Bloodfang” Wulver. They had tangled with him before, a dangerous pirate to say the least, and it was assumed that he had retired. Captain Forma makes a deal with Ked’Ix to get back his heat shield and research in return for a profitable trade deal with the Verpine. It takes no time for Ked’Ix to agree, and he provides the group with a lead: a Verpine arms dealer named Zill’ik who very well could be providing the pirates with weapons. With a deal in place and a name to go on, the Captain leads the party over to Zill’ik’s shop.

The group arrives at the shop in no time, Captain going over to question Zill’ik while Kol guards the door and the others take up positions around the store. When questioned, Zill’ik denies anything and everything, knowing nothing about no pirates no way no how. Captain Forma punches him in the face, not believing him one bit. Suffice to say this sudden fist to the face is a bit distracting to the party, and they are rapt to the continuing questioning. This allows Kallukoras, a Trandoshan, and his pirate henchmen to descend on the shop. A fight immediately breaks out, though the pirates aren’t much trouble for the party. Kallukoras sees the tide of the fight turn and makes a break for it, though he only manages to get away through the Captain’s intervention. He wants to follow Kallukoras back to the pirate’s base so that they can be taken out all at once. Knowing that, the chase is on and the group speeds back to the shuttle to follow.

Following Kallukoras is easier said than done as the party has to be not just fast enough to keep up, but stealthy enough to be unnoticed and avoiding the myriad of asteroids floating around them. Kitt reiterates that fixing shuttles are more her expertise than piloting them, and ends up running into difficulties with the asteroids along with flying under the sensors of the pirates. After some intense flying, the group watch Kallukoras’s ship land inside one of the asteroids. It takes a bit more careful flying, but Kitt manages to attach the shuttle to the outside of the asteroid and the party gets themselves ready for a space walk to the inside of the base. Mace and Kitt work together to hack into the hangar doors, getting them to open and allow everyone inside. Rune finds floating in space to be a little disorienting and gets a bit sick.

A stealthy approach seems to be the way to go, working their way around the base and taking out sentries quietly. This method is made all the easier by the talents of the Jedi, who are able to extend their sight past doorways and walls to see how many men are up ahead. The party takes one path all the way to the back of the base. Since one of their main priorities is to locate the heat shield, Rudi and Kitt search one of their storage rooms for clues while the others scout ahead. There are no solid leads on the heat shield, so they rejoin the others who have stopped to listen to talking in the briefing room up ahead. With some more fancy sneaking, Mace and Kitt listen in on the group of pirates and Bloodfang himself. He outlines his plans, wanting to attack Nickel One to teach the Verpine a lesson, and makes mention of the safety of pirates’ base on the planet Metalorn, as its atmosphere is intensely hot.

The two relay the information to Captain Forma, who tells the party they’re all going to have to leave immediately, and get the Crusader to come to the pirates’ asteroid and blow it to pieces. Once again valuing stealth, the party sneaks past the conferring pirates one by one. First Mace, then Kitt, Rudi and Kol. There are a few close calls, but they all make it to the other end, near the exit, without alerting the enemy. Rune, however, is not so lucky. As he attempts to sneak from the halfway point to the exit, he trips and falls, alerting a few pirates to his presence. A lot of commotion takes place, Rune fighting off the pirates, but being forced to retreat. They all fall back behind a set of doors, Mace and Kitt quickly shutting them and overriding their locks. Rune becomes set on going around the other path and bringing the Captain back, but his plan is interrupted by Kitt’s comlink going off. On the other end is Captain Forma, who orders Kitt and the others to retreat, stick to the plan and bring the Crusader in to wreck the place into space dust. There are protests, but he shoots them down quick and tells Kitt to get them all out.

Rune, wanting to make up for causing the situation, reiterates that he intends to circle around and get the Captain. Having Kitt aim her rifle at him and tell him to follow the Captain’s orders changes his mind. With time being of the essence, the party runs back to the shuttle, zooming off back to the Crusader, all hoping that the Captain will be fine on his own.

Session 9 - Farewell

With no time to waste, the Crusader flies back to Contruum so the group can make their final proposal to Lady Kether. They arrive short of the deadline, though no one is happy to see Lord Harrak also at the Kether estate to make his own final proposal. The group makes their case, Rudi first mentioning the now open trade with Donovia before he is interrupted by a grieving Don Jannik. He gives an impassioned speech, giving out every reason for Contruum to ally itself with the Republic and the benefits the planet will receive from the deal. As soon as Don finishes his sudden speech, he takes off not even waiting for Lady Kether’s answer. Concerned, Kitt and Rune go off after him. But Don’s speech reach the Lady, and she does agree to it after Kol echoes the benefits to Contruum’s people that Don has spoken of. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Lord Harrak, who storms out—

—Right into Kitt and Rune waiting outside after losing Don Jannik. His fury is quite evident when he turns and gives Kitt some parting words, amounting that she is now nothing.

The deal between Contruum and the Republic now official, it would seem time to leave, but Lady Kether requests a few moments of Kol’s time. She talks about the future of her family, and of how Trista will eventually take over for her. Aware of the connection Kol and Trista have shared so far, Lady Kether offers Kol the opportunity to stay, marry her and help the people of Contruum. This throws Kol for a bit of a loop, and he says he needs time to think about it.

The party travels back to the Crusader, where Kol explains to everyone Lady Kether’s offer. There is much discussion on the matter, Rudi suggesting it is a good idea for him, while Kitt doesn’t think marrying someone he only saw twice would be wise. Needing more time to figure this out, Kol decides to head back to the planet to spend time with Trista, feeling that if he got to spend some real time with her he would be able to make a better decision. Captain Forma agrees to give him the time he needs, and arranges for one of the shuttles to take him down to the planet.

It turns out to be Raek who pilots the shuttle. The two talk about the situation, but in the end Raek says that it is up to Kol to make the decision. No one else can make it for him, and he’ll have to do what he feels is right. Kol leaves the shuttle for the Kether Estate.

Back on the Crusader, grief over Baniss’s death is hitting Don Jannik hard. He spends his time in the cafeteria, drinking and mourning. Kitt approaches him, trying to help him through it, again reasoning that it was her error in judgment that caused Baniss’s death, not Don’s. He doesn’t listen to her, or to Rudi, who comes and attempts to ease Don’s guilt as well. Both of them at a loss for words, Rudi and Kitt join Don for a drink.

Kol arrives at the Kether Estate and asks for Trista. She is happy to see him again and agrees to go out into the city to spend time with him. Since they went to a fancy restaurant the last time, Kol suggests they go to a place more his speed.

More his speed ends up being what most would consider a greasy spoon kind of diner, serving up cheeseburgers. Kol introduces Trista to the wonders of diner cuisine and the two talk about themselves, their goals, the usual dating fare. They both end up having much in common, like their interest in helping others. There is a definite spark between them.

Yet again back on the Crusader, poor Rune is almost run over by a harried Telsij, sending her files in all directions. Helping her pick them up only proves to be hazardous for Rune as a nervous Telsij reaches for her papers at the same time and hits him in the head. More apologetic at this injury, Telsij rushes Rune back to her room to tend to his head. While they do exchange pleasantries, Telsij’s bedside manner could use some work as the ice pack she makes for him only ends up getting stuck to his goatee and attempting to get out of the situation only causes Rune further injury.

After dinner, Kol and Trista end up back at her estate. They discuss the proposal made by Lady Kether, and while Trista thinks her grandmother can be a bit meddling about her life, she agrees that Kol is a good man. Kol is torn, telling Trista that he does care about her, but his life as a Jedi is a life of going where others need him; he is constantly on the move. It is a difficult decision for him, but he still feels he has to continue his service with the Crusader and the Jedi. Trista is understanding while sad, telling him that he will have to do what he feels is best, but asks him to stay the night with her. With tears in her eyes, she kisses him and it goes on from there.

The next day Kol bids Trista a tearful goodbye and heads for Raek’s shuttle back to the Crusader. Kol is welcomed back after making his decision, though Rudi still thinks he should have taken the offer, and Kitt just asserts that she is glad Kol decided to stay.

But Don still is in his heavy depression and grief over Baniss’s death. With the funeral imminent, Kol decides to try to get through to him, giving him another perspective. A few misspoken words later and Don gets the impression that he should “not go on like this” and that it has to end. He goes to leave, but not before Kol realizes the error in his talk and stops him. Giving it one more go, Kol convinces Don that living in grief would not be what Baniss would want. Baniss’s mission continues, as long as there are those around to honor it. Don agrees that he must go on.

Everyone on the Crusader has gathered around a pod holding Baniss’s body. Captain Forma stands by, delivering a speech about Baniss and his service to the Crusader. He talks about the various ways death are dealt with around the galaxy, such as Concord Dawn and Rodia, and that Duros put their dead to rest by returning them to space. With that, the pod with Baniss is shot out into space, and he is given a final farewell.

The funeral soon gives way to introspection, and talk amongst the Jedi. Talk of the role of Jedi in the universe is brought up; Melina reiterating that as Jedi they must control their emotions for their responsibility is so great. Stressing control of emotions doesn’t sit well with Rudi, who argues that they are just ignoring the emotion, not feeling it. Of course, the debate of the Force making their roles in the galaxy more important is brought up again and Kitt is not happy to hear about it. Rune reasons that the dark side is a very real thing, and that the damage someone like him could cause falling prey to it would be far greater than any ‘dark side act’ a non-Force Sensitive like Kitt could ever do. Kitt thinks it’s ridiculous, though Melina essentially agrees with it. The two do not see eye to eye, so Kitt removes herself from the whole conversation. Rudi continues to debate that Jedi need to feel emotion to understand how to master it, but soon finds that Melina and Rune aren’t seeing it his way, while Kol tries to remain neutral.

Frustrated, Rudi also leaves and ends up discussing the matter with Kitt, who agrees that recognizing and feeling emotion is the only way to master it. She reiterates that writing off the potential damage someone can do just because they aren’t Force Sensitive is ridiculous. Although the two hadn’t seen eye to eye much thus far, they find themselves on the same side of this debate.

As the Crusader jumps to hyperspace on the way to their next mission, the focus shifts to the Sith armada stationed around Contruum. Lord Harrak is on one of the ships, looking down at two cloaked figures. With revenge in mind, he sends them off to follow the Crusader and specifically those that denied him the deal with Contruum.

Both figures respond, “Yes, my master.”

Session 8 - The Price of Freedom

There are no more appearances by the Spacers for the rest of the night, though Kitt and Don remain vigilant. A few hours into the morning Rudi emerges from the hotel to assume his shift as guard. As he makes his way to the jail a loud speeder pulls up in front of Kitt and Don, carrying Rune. He explains that he had spent some time checking the mines out on his own, presumably to locate the Administrator faster, but instead found that a good deal of explosives had been stolen. There’s no doubt that the Spacers are behind the theft, and are planning something very unpleasant for the group. Biggs walks up to the group, mentioning Kitt as the temporary replacement for Kol as he had fallen ill from the rain soaked fight the night before. She confirms this, and explains the jail break, and that it’ll all be taken care of. Biggs says the Spacers are quite up in arms over the ordeal.

And on cue, a group of Spacers, led by Cyril Broxus and Vor’en Tikaris, come up to the jail, furious about the loss of some of their own the night before. Vor’en in particular is incensed, only barely being held back by Cyril as he threatens Kitt. He demands her soul and her blood, a statement that Kitt only responds with that she is, “particularly attached to them.” The Spacers accuse the party of murdering their own, while Kitt, Rudi and Don stand firm that it was a jailbreak and those Spacers died attempting to murder the law in Gravepool. Biggs manages to get the Spacers to leave for the moment, using his standard statement of “law and order.”

The party agrees that they need to find out where the Spacers are planning to hit with the stolen explosives. But after staying up through the whole night both Kitt and Don are exhausted and need to rest. Kitt asks Rune and Rudi to take a shift guarding, though it leaves no one available to investigate the explosives.

After grabbing some breakfast at the cantina, Kitt and Don run into Baniss in the hotel. He is worried about all the violence that has been going on in the streets, and doesn’t want to be involved in any of it. Don suggests that Baniss stay in the hotel and have his meals brought to him there. Kitt supports the idea, stating that at the moment, the hotel is one of the safest places and they don’t want Baniss to get hurt. He agrees to the plan, saying if they believe it is the best way for him to avoid violence, he is all for it.

During Rune and Rudi’s shift the Spacers return, this time in a funeral march procession. The move past the jail slowly, the rain adding to the somber nature of the event. This time the Spacers pay no attention to the jail or the ‘deputies’ and continue out of town to the gravepools.

Hours pass, Don and Kitt sleeping, Rune and Rudi guarding. Towards the time for the next shift change the prisoners begin to complain about their hunger, all demanding to eat. There is a short discussion between Rune and Rudi whether to feed them at all. Rune agrees to get them all something plain to eat, and goes to the cantina to get it.

Rune has a little trouble procuring the food, though, being unable to speak Bocce or Sullustan and Miim the bartender being unable to speak Basic. His predicament is noticed by Kitt, who just sat down for breakfast with Don. She acts as the go between, getting some fish and chips for the prisoners and handing them off to Rune to deliver.

The prisoners seem grateful to receive their bar food, though Rudi considers it a little too rich for the likes of them. Having finished their meal, Kitt and Don emerge from the cantina and go to relieve the others at guard duty. Don hands Rune a sandwich he had bought in the cantina and asks him to deliver it to Baniss. Rudi heads off to the cantina.

Baniss is happy to get his sandwich when Rune arrives with it, though is still worried about the situation. Having done that, Rune decides where to start with the investigation and that is following the Spacers out to the gravepools. He has to ask around at the cantina for directions, but Rune eventually finds his way to the cave of the gravepools. It is dark and Rune soon finds the place to be empty. No tracks, no trail to follow, he has little choice but to head back to town.

Biggs finds Rudi, still in the cantina. The two strikes up a conversation, and after a few moments Rudi is invited to drink back at Biggs’s office. Seeing this as a good opportunity, Rudi doesn’t hesitate to accept the invitation.

When Rune arrives back in town he reports to Kitt that he hadn’t found anything that would help them. They continue to discuss where to go from there as Biggs and Rudi head over to his office. When Kitt notices and asks where they’re going, Rune dismisses it as irrelevant to the task at hand. She’s too late to head them off, though, and Rudi and Biggs go into his office. Inside they share a fine bottle of brandy, enjoying a pleasant conversation. However, it never turns to the situation in Gravepool, or the Spacers. When the brandy runs dry, Rudi takes his leave, deciding to head back to the cantina to gather information.

Kitt spots Rudi leaving and follows after him, leaving Don and Rune to guard the prisoners. When she catches up with him she asks if he found out anything important while boozing it up with Biggs, but all Rudi replies with is, “He has good brandy.” Though a little tipsy, Rudi makes the rounds at the cantina, managing to get a bead on the Spacer’s place. One patron is able to show him where the general location is on a datapad, but Kitt is the one that notices that the signals on their datapads are off, signaling that the Spacers aren’t at their jobs.

At that moment Faina rushes into the cantina, telling Kitt that she needs to see her in private. She and Rudi move to the back of the cantina, a more private place, and Faina starts explaining the issue at hand. She has found out that the Spacers are planning an attack on the party that very night, that it will be big and they have little time to waste. Kitt and Rudi intend to set off to the Spacer’s place to stop this attack before it starts but the booming sound of an explosion coming from outside halts all talk. Their time is up.

Standing guard, Rune and Don have a better vantage point to see where the explosion is coming from. Don declares with horror that it came from the hotel, where Baniss, Kol and Merryl are. This sets Rune off in a run towards the inferno.

Rudi and Kitt race out of the cantina and out into the pouring rain, just able to see glow from where the fire is. They both start in that direction but are cut off by the roaring sound of two speeder bikes driving towards them. A painful collision misses them by mere seconds as two Spacers zoom by. They take aim and shoot, but are unable to hit their targets. Rudi fights back with his command of telekinesis, throwing one speeder into another and causing quite a bit of damage. Both Kitt and Don take shots at the drivers, each hitting their mark, though it is not enough to stop the Spacers from driving away.

Faced with the intense flames, Rune is not deterred. He runs into the burning and collapsing building, using his all temperature cloak to help protect him. Using his connection to the Force, Rune stretches his feelings, trying to find the three missing party members but is unable to feel anything. This does not stop him from venturing farther into the fiery building, calling out to everyone. Rune hears no answer, but soon is able to find a burned and charred body. Not hesitating, Rune lifts the body over his shoulder and turns to leave. The smoke is surrounding him, making everything more difficult.

Rudi and Kitt rush towards the hotel, Rudi being the first to get there. He sees Rune emerging from the fire and hastens the dangerous trek by pulling him forward with the Force. Rune says he couldn’t find the others, couldn’t even feel them in the building, but was able to find the charred person. He runs back in to make another check for the others, but is unable to find anything, and the fire all around him burns intensely. When he emerges, they carry the charred body to Don, who was still guarding the jail to identify the body.

To their relief, Kol and Merryl arrive at that moment, coming from outside town, stunned looks on their faces. They can’t believe that the hotel is burning down, and worse news comes when Kol explains that their shuttle has been damaged. It seems that the Spacers went to town on it to make sure the party couldn’t take off until the situation had been taken care of. After an intense few moments, Don recoils in horror, pointing to the body.

“It…it’s Baniss,” he says. “He’s dead.”

A moment of silence falls as shock sets in. No one knows what to say, but the weight of it bears down on them. Don is the first to speak, lamenting that it is his entire fault. Baniss wanted nothing more than peace, and now he is dead. Grief soon gives way to anger as Don declares that the Spacers must pay, there must be revenge. He rants and raves, running off in the direction of their lair. Kitt pursues and quickly catches him. A distraught Don does not want to be held back, that it is what Baniss would want. Kitt tells him that going off alone will only get him killed, but Don doesn’t care; his revenge is worth his life. It is fair after what happened to Baniss. Kitt continues to talk him down, trying to tell him that Baniss’s death is her responsibility. She was the marshal and was unable to stop the Spacers from going through with their plans. But if Don wants justice, and wants to stop the Spacers, he’ll need to stay calm and stay with them. Though Kitt continues to talk about killing in revenge not being the answer, Don only agrees to come back when she assures him that something will be done. They head back to the jail where Rudi and Rune still are.

The only thing the group can agree on is that the Spacers must be dealt with. Don rants about revenge, wanting nothing more than to wipe every single yellow slicker wearing person/alien he sees. Rudi and Rune mention vengeance, though it seems a bit odd. Rudi adds onto the idea of taking the fight to the Spacer’s lair, suggesting they just bring down the entire building on them with the Force. This doesn’t go over well with Kitt, it not being a fair fight in the least, and goes on to stand by her conviction that she wants justice, not vengeance or revenge. It incites an argument between her and Rudi, who calls her on her conviction being impractical given Gravepool’s resources. Swept up in his need for revenge, Don states he is going to the Spacer’s lair, and it is a good enough plan for the others.

When the subject of guarding the prisoners comes up, Don suggests getting Biggs to do it. He says it would be no problem for him, but Rudi only grabs him by the collar and suggests throwing him in with the other prisoners, considering how corrupted he is. Rune doesn’t seem really on board with this idea, and it comes down to Kitt still as acting marshal. This time she agrees with Rudi and Biggs is thrown in with the others. Still in need of guards, Kol and Merryl offer to take the shift. Don yells that they will be given transportation to deal with the Spacers, and the Administrator offers up his speeder. They race off to the Spacer’s lair, with Kitt in the driver’s seat.

It takes a few hours to get there, but the group eventually pulls up to the Spacer’s base. It is a somewhat run down building, with holes where there should be walls and debris all around. Don jumps out and immediately takes the lead, followed closely by Kitt, Rune and Rudi. Spotting one of the holes in the walls, Don leads them into the building, over cracked and broken pieces of rubble. Doors around them are closed, and there appears to be no one in the immediate area, but Don does spot another room that is broken open. They all head through that and come out into a hallway. They continue with caution, soon finding their way into a very large storeroom, with crates and boxes everywhere. A moment after stepping into the room Kitt notices a few Spacers, and unfortunately they spotted the party as well. Looks like they walked into an ambush.

An intense battle follows, blaster bolts flying between the two groups. Rune ignites his lightsaber and makes his way to the nearest man, ready to do combat. Don makes off a few shots before heading to some cover, as does Kitt. Rudi decides to head around the other way, and makes for the hallway. The battle rages on and soon a few of the Spacers fall. Rune and Rudi spot Cyril Broxus, and the three engage in a tough fight. Rune strikes with his lightsaber while Rudi relies on his telekinetic abilities. They wear Cyril down, eventually knocking him to the ground. Cyril laughs at his defeat, showing to them his last strike: a grenade. The two jump away just in time as the grenade explodes, taking Cyril Broxus with it.

The fight isn’t over yet, though, as Don and Kitt are still shooting it out with the Spacers. One powerful blaster bolt wears down Don to his breaking point, and he falls unconscious, only to be awoken a few seconds later by Rudi’s abilities. The tables are soon turned on Rudi, though, as the gang fight the last man. He is a powerful blasterslinger, and with a few well placed shots Rudi is out for the count. The rest of the party is able to finish off the last man standing, and then Don is able to wake Rudi with deft use of a medpac.

All the Spacers in the building, including the leader, dead, the group piles into the speeder and head back into town. Kitt goes to see the Administrator, briefing him on the situation at hand. He gives her his condolences for Baniss’s death, and is glad that they have stopped Cyril. Their job is not yet over, though, as Vor’en is still out there and the rest of the Spacer gang will gladly follow him. Until Vor’en is taken care of there is no leaving Gravepool. The Administrator does offer them all use of his house for the night, knowing they have no where to sleep now and tells her that Faina will show her in. He recommends that Kitt get some sleep, noting how tired she looks. She agrees and heads over there.

Faina shows Kitt, Rune and Don into the Administrator’s place, Rudi having gone off to the cantina alone, and tells them that they brought Baniss there for them. They thank Faina and turn in for the night.

Morning arrives, and as the party joins together a speeder bike zooms to a halt in front of town hall. They all run to see what is going on and are shocked to see Urias Saper sprawled out across the bike, a datapad attached. It is a message from Vor’en, telling them he will fight their strongest member one on one. If they win, the Spacers will stop. Although there is some debate whether Vor’en will follow his word, causing Kitt to suggest a stealthy approach to snipe if he shows some signs of cheating, in the end the group agrees to follow through with the challenge. There is some discussion about who is the best candidate, but it is soon decided that Rune will stand the best chance against Vor’en. And although the message states for them to come alone, the entire party joins Rune to the location, not willing to send him out to his death alone.

It appears that the fight is to take place in a cave. The entrance is guarded by two of the Spacers, who only allow Rune past them when he declares himself to be the challenger. Though they don’t like it, Kitt, Rudi and Don stay at the entrance and watch Rune disappear into the inner tunnels of the cave.

Vor’en stands at the other end of a large part of the cave. He scoffs at who they have chosen as their best fighter, but Rune only responds by closing the distance between them. With a press of a button Rune’s lightsaber hums to life, and with one swift movement Vor’en’s blaster is at the ready. Both make their first hits, and both of them are hard ones. They trade blows, blaster and lightsaber, back and forth. Rune calls upon his Force abilities to aid him in striking true while Vor’en at one point disarms the Jedi with his precision shots. They wear each other down, and eventually the fight comes to a dramatic end. Just as Vor’en is about to land the killing shot on Rune, the Jedi lets loose with a fearsome strike and it strikes true. Vor’en’s head flies away, his body slumping to the ground, lifeless. And though very injured and drained, Rune is the victor.

The guards are stunned when Rune emerges from the tunnels, holding Vor’en’s head as proof of his deed. They step away immediately, and then turn to run off. At last, the threat of the Spacer gang is no more.

When the group returns to town they see that Biggs and the other Spacers are still locked away in jail. Rudi makes the suggestion that they be executed, to prevent causing any more murder and grief in Gravepool, though Rune points out that Jedi never execute prisoners. The idea is immediately turned down. The Administrator and Faina come out to hear what happened and are relieved to know that the Spacers are disbanded. The Administrator is grateful for everything the group has done for Gravepool, and assures them that their deals will be honored. They will always have a place in Gravepool, and the suggestion of a statue comes up. Rudi warms up to this idea, but Don is the one who is most vocal, saying he wants nothing more than a statue of Baniss. A great statue, and a peaceful place to sit around it, to show just what it cost for the town to be free. “White wine and shrimp to be served to all who want it!” he demands.

Kol and Merryl appear once again, telling Kitt that they did some repairs on the shuttle so they can leave. Kitt questions their mechanical aptitude and does some checking on it herself. As she suspected, the two aren’t made to be technicians and a great deal of it is in need of repair. She does her best to patch the shuttle up, and is able to jury-rig it enough to get them back to the Crusader.

Session 7 - Justified

Another day finds the party going back to the cantina for breakfast to find Biggs and Marshal Scraf, and Faina. Biggs approaches Rudi and exclaims the matter from the night before has been all settled. No legal action will be taken, as it seems that Rudi and the others were acting in self defense, and as such, they are given back their weapons and the matter is put to rest. Rudi thanks him and officially introduces him to the others. A group of slicker wearing Spacers arrives in the cantina, making a direct line for their favorite tables, which look to be occupied by a few other people at the moment. They stare the other people down in a threatening manner and it is enough to make them scramble over to the bar. Kol mentions this bullying behavior to Biggs, but he brushes it off that the others are just being polite to the hard working Spacers. When Biggs hears about their interest in making a deal with the Administrator, he says that he would most definitely be able to handle that and invites them to meet him in his office after breakfast. That done, Rudi moves on to greet Faina. Biggs continues his assertion of the sturdy law and order, all day every day, in Gravepool to the others, though Kol notices that a few of the Spacers are looking in their direction, particularly a dangerous looking man stroking his blaster and an abyssin blinking his single eye at him.

Soon Kol and Rudi are approached by a devaronian wearing the yellow slicker of the Spacers, who introduces himself as Cyril Broxus. He has a small chat with the two, his wide smile just a bit too friendly, before gathering the rest of the Spacers, mentioning they must get to work at the towers. The two Jedi are told, after the Spacers have gone, that Cyril is their leader, though the man with the blaster, Vor’en Tikaris, is a blasterslinger with considerable skill. It seems that getting rid of the Spacers would be the right thing to do, so that the miners can live their lives without being bullied, but the method to achieve this end is one that the party cannot agree on. The miners do not want any trouble, and it seems clear that Biggs and the Marshal are either ignorant to the problem or in on it in some way.

Rudi thinks that intimidation could be a successful way of getting the Spacers to back off, saying that the criminal connections Kol has to his family could be the right angle. Adding to this idea, he suggests that Urias disappear, an act that could potentially be blamed on the Spacers, giving Kol greater leverage to use the angle of “revenge for his missing cousin.” The fervor that Rudi has in his voice for this idea seems odd and a cause for concern for Kol and Kitt. When Kol senses that Rudi means that something really could happen to Urias, Rudi dismisses that as his intention entirely while Kitt finds Rudi’s enthusiasm about revenge cause for suspicion. Though the more Rudi talks about the idea, reiterating that it would be a ploy, one that could potentially cause the least amount of violence between everyone, the more receptive Kol becomes to it. Given that there are no other suggestions that are any better, the idea is left as one to consider, though Kitt doesn’t like the idea of Kol using his last name in that manner. The subject of pursuing the Administrator in the mines is brought up again, and once again shot down as something too dangerous and potentially futile to undertake.

Breakfast finished the party goes over to the town hall to have their meeting with Biggs, though it seems unlikely that he could make any deals with them considering his position as a magistrate. The conversation does seem to go around in a circle, leaving the group no better off than when they came. Though Biggs assures them of his authority to make the deal, and basic prices and parameters are discussed, Rudi refuses to make it official as all of them find Biggs’s fees on every document filed and signed greedy to say the least. Rudi insists that they’ll have to wait to speak with the Administrator before finalizing any deal. The magistrate backs off, saying that it is his decision, but adds that there will be little else the Administrator can do that will help the deal and they’re much better off with him. There is a strange edge to the statement that they all pick up on, but do not pursue at the moment and bid the magistrate farewell.

Hours pass and the shifts in the mines change, bringing Urias Saper to the cantina to unwind. With the party back in the cantina, Rudi takes this opportunity to talk to the loud miner again, but this time he seems more interested in talking to Kitt. Rudi waves her over, and tries to steer the conversation back to the problem with the Spacers, and that someone with connections such as Urias should be in charge rather than some gang. He agrees, though spends more time trying to woo Kitt, until Rudi changes tactics again and brings Kol over to the table, this time introducing himself with his real last name. It takes some convincing, and dropping the name of Kol’s father Alphonse, to make Urias realize that the two are related. Through the conversation it becomes apparent that Urias is more of a distant relative, who has few powerful connections compared to the son of the ‘godfather.’ Urias hopes that Kol could put in a good word for him, and this launches Rudi and Kol into their plan for the miner to disappear for a while.

When Kitt adds to what they’re saying, Urias turns to her and goes, “Who’re you?”

Kitt pushes her chair back and stands up. “Leaving,” she replies as she goes to sit with Don and Baniss at near by table within earshot.

Rudi and Kol continue their pitch to Urias about his temporary disappearance. Kol even suggests that if this plan helps them to get the Spacers out of Gravepool then he can put in a good word for Urias with the family while Urias adds, “Hey, maybe even run the show around here, right, eh?” Several empty promises later and Urias is entirely on board with the idea, ready to leave town that very hour. A wink and a loud good bye to his cousin, he takes off.

Eventually everyone decides that it would be best to turn in for the night and heads back to the inn. Their sleep lasts only a few short hours, interrupted by the familiar sound of a blaster being shot and shouts from out in the street. The party rushes out into the rain, Kol and Kitt heading right for the disturbance while Rudi hangs back to ask Faina what is going on.

Cyril Broxus stands with blaster in hand over the body of the aging Marshal Scraf, poking him and telling him to “get up, it was only a joke” in a loud voice. Faina tells Rudi that Cyril had been making a great deal of noise, so the Marshal went out to calm him down. A blaster was fired and everyone rushed out to see what they were seeing now. Kitt and Kol manage to calm Cyril down, who is quite obviously high on spice, getting him to hand over his blaster. They escort him over to the jail, putting him safely into a cell.

Biggs is there, and finds the entire situation quite unfortunate and a real shame. Marshal Scraf was a good man, and quite popular in town. He bemoans that they’ll need to get a new marshal, but makes a sudden turn around when Kol speaks up about making sure that justice is served for the poor deceased marshal. Even though Biggs knows the situation will be temporary he appoints Kol the new marshal of Gravepool and gives him the power to deputize anyone he wishes. Surprised, Kol accepts the position, hoping he will be able to serve everyone well and put an end to the problem with the Spacers and immediately deputizes Kitt and Don. Don seems quite enthralled with his new position as a deputy, and decides to take the first shift at guarding Cyril at the jail.

Kitt makes no reaction to the development and instead sets to work on finding out the circumstances of the marshal’s death, joining Rudi in his conversation with Faina. She asks the young woman if anyone knew where Cyril had been earlier in the evening and Faina mentions the spice den down the street. The two set off to have a quick word with the proprietor.

Illist Dona, the arconian owner, has very little useful information for the two. All he knows is that Cyril came in earlier that evening, happy about something, and proceeded to get high until he left not ten minutes before. Realizing that there is nothing left to pursue in this place, Kitt leaves with Rudi, heading next to the cantina to ask who is still up what they know.

The patrons of the cantina and Miim do not seem to know that much more, although they all share the sentiment that it is a ‘damn shame’ that the marshal is dead. They heard Cyril making a great deal of noise outside, shooting off his blaster, apparently at the moon some heard. Someone came in to tell the marshal and he headed out to calm the high devaronian down. No one actually saw the shot that ended the marshal’s life, but assert that it is a ‘damn shame.’ Kitt asks them all what they think of Cyril and the Spacers, and all echo the same statement: “They’re a rowdy group, a little rough and pushy, but if we mind our own business they leave us alone.” They go on to say that Cyril and Scraf seemed to get along, something that was repeated by Cyril himself as he was put into jail for the night: “He’s my friend.” It becomes quite clear that while the miners vastly outnumber the Spacers, they are not fighters and wish for nothing else but to be left alone. They want no trouble, and hope that the new marshal won’t cause any, like the poor marshal before Scraf. When Kitt asks about the old marshal, they tell her that the best person to ask about him is Biggs, but that the fellow was unpopular and met an unfortunate end.

Back out into the rainy night, the two relay all the information they have found to Kol. Kitt says that it seems to be accidental, but that Cyril is still responsible for Scraf’s death and will have to pay the appropriate price for it. They all agree to take shifts guarding the jail and that everything will be brought up with Biggs in the morning.

Biggs is jovial about the newly appointed marshal and that there will be no disruption of their ‘all day every day’ law and order. When the party talks to him in the morning, he makes mention of presiding over the trial for Cyril. Kitt mentions she has evidence for the case, and Biggs tells her to file every piece with him, but that each costs 30 credits. She is taken aback for the moment, promising to file everything later but before the trial starts.

The group heads back to the cantina once again to work out their next move, but they’re interrupted by the arrival of a speeder, dropping off none other than Administrator Jurn. Kol immediately approaches the man, bringing him up to speed with the events that had transpired while he was away. The death of the marshal is a shock to him, as well as the appointment of a Jedi to replace him in the meantime. When the oddness of Biggs and his constant extra charges, Jurn confirms that the magistrate appears to be involved with the Spacers and that justice doesn’t mean much in Gravepool. He agrees to meet with Kol in his office, and to attend the trial of Cyril, though he doubts there will be much he needs to see.

Indeed the trial progresses much the way that Jurn suspected. Kitt submits her evidence and testifies, and it is enough to find Cyril guilty of the accidental murder of Scraf. However, when Biggs hands down the sentence, absolutely no jail time is mentioned, merely a fine and hours of community service. Cyril seems pleased with the sentence though no one else seems to be.

In his office, Jurn reiterates the unfortunately broken government that Gravepool has at the moment, and his relative inability to do anything about it. Kol brings up that he is not only affiliated with the Jedi, but with the Republic and the Crusader, and goes into detail about the prospective trade route deal. Jurn is receptive to the idea, but says nothing can be done without ridding the town of the Spacers first. If they can get rid of the Spacers, Jurn promises to lend whatever they need to Contruum and the Republic.

Back in the cantina once again, the party discusses plans to solve the problem with the Spacers, emphasizing the need to be as non-violent as possible. Don brings up once again that Vor’en might be the one to watch out for more than others, as he has a reputation as a deadly blasterslinger. Several ideas are tossed around, though none seem to stick, and it sounds like the plan to blame Urias’s disappearance on the Spacers is no longer going to be implemented. Kitt suggests taking Vor’en’s blasters away, thus taking away his biggest threat to everyone. Don jumps at the idea, expanding it into a mandate that Kol could pass. With his power as the marshal, Kol could pass a proposition banning blasters in Gravepool. Anytime anyone entered a building they would have to hand over their weapons. Rudi and Kol ponder the idea for a moment before agreeing that it could work, or at the least provoke a confrontation with the Spacers.

The townsfolk don’t take the new law too well, though. As they read over it, many get frustrated and angry, storming off from to their homes and many take refuge in the cantina (despite no longer being able to carry a weapon in there). The Spacers in particular dislike this new law, and throw dirty glances as they head into the cantina.

They get no better when they’re inside. A while after entering and getting their drink on, the Spacers get a bit too rowdy, and demand to get their weapons back. When Don refuses one of them throws a wild punch at him that instead makes its mark on the poor bartender Miim. Don and the rest of the party immediately set to work at defusing the situation, escorting the drunken Spacers out of the place.

An intense confrontation takes place just outside the cantina, the group trying to intimidate the Spacers to backing down and leaving for the night. A few of them throw more drunken punches, which are responded by non-lethal force, such as Kitt butting one of them with the brunt end of her blaster rifle. A moment passes between the two groups before the Spacers decide to back down. They start ambling down the street as the abyssin among them throws out a swear that none of them understand…

Except for Don Jannik who yells, “What did you say about my mother?” and launches at him with a fierce punch.

This launches the party into a longer fight with the Spacers, though they are easily dispatched. After all, the Spacers were pretty drunk. The party manages to knock them all out and decides to take them to the jail for the night before any punishment is figured out. Don apologizes profusely to Kol for the outburst, saying that his emotions got the better of him. Morose about the event, Don even goes so far as to offer up his position as a deputy, believing he no longer deserves to have it. Kol reassures him that everything worked out alright, and Don apologizing was enough. Don is comforted by this and decides to keep his deputy badge.

After the first guard shift is decided, the rest of the party heads back into the cantina to make sure that everyone is alright. Miim seems disappointed with how the events turned out, and is rubbing his sore jaw. Kitt spends a bit of time comforting him, reassuring him that he can be whatever he wants to be, including a tough guy. Though she does warn him to not get involved in fights that have him very outnumbered and if there is something he can’t handle, to come to her and the others for help. He agrees, and for her kindness, Miim offers Kitt a free drink. She joins the others who are speaking to Biggs about setting up a trial for the Spacers. Biggs takes notice of her drinks and comments on it as a “perk of her position,” which Kitt ignores.

Biggs goes on to talk about what he would consider a ‘fair’ punishment for going against the new law and assaulting the marshal and his deputies, though it is, again, far more lenient than the party would like. While Kol tries to convince Biggs of a harsher sentence, Rudi devises a far more powerful approach. He declares that the Spacers will serve jail time and a harsh credit fine, saying this statement with extra emphasis. Biggs is about to disagree, but stops and reiterates Rudi’s sentence. Kol stops and stares at Rudi intently. When Kitt notices this she asks him what is wrong, and Kol promises to tell her later. Woozy and with a new headache, Biggs announces he is going to retire for the night and would see the others the next day for the trial.

Satisfied with the results, Rudi heads over to the inn to retire for the night. A little while later Kol and Kitt follow. Kol explains what had happened to Biggs, saying that some Jedi have the power to cloud men’s minds, that the Force has a strong affect on the weak minded. Rudi has that power and used it to force a heavier sentence upon the Spacers. Kitt can’t believe that not only do the Jedi have that power, but that they use it on other people. She states that no one has the right to impede someone else’s free will, essentially what Rudi is doing, and that his methods are disturbing. While Kol does not agree with Rudi’s methods, he stresses to Kitt that they’re still in service of their mission, with Rudi’s heart in the right place. She is not as convinced and warns Kol to be careful.

Another day, another trial in Gravepool. The Spacers look confident that they’ll get off with a light sentence, and it looks like Biggs is going to give it to them until he pauses. He puts his hand on his forehead, and repeats Rudi’s sentence from the day before. The Spacers are outraged and shocked, not to mention Biggs who is once again sporting a headache. Administrator Jurn also is surprised by the turn of events, and only pointed comments to Rudi betray the actual reason for the harsh sentence. The Spacers are led back to the jail, yelling that this kind of treatment isn’t gonna stand.

Hours pass, Kitt taking over guard duty for the prisoners, before the Spacers threat is made good on. Within minutes she is approached by several other Spacers, all brandishing blasters and ready to free their incarcerated comrades. The noise of their arrival alters the others though, and Rudi, Kol and Don emerge from the cantina to help Kitt.

A fierce battle breaks out, everyone in the party set upon by several Spacers. Don tries to duke it out with one man, but his first few shots miss. Rudi leaves his lightsaber off, once again relying on his tactic of telekinesis. On the other hand, Kol quickly goes to work fending off blaster bolts, reflecting them back the Spacers. Kitt faces off against a few Spacers, doing her best to fight them off, but one reaches the jail cell. He goes to work, slicing into the electronic locks and soon breaking in. The jail cell door slides open, letting two of the other Spacers out and making the party’s job just that much more difficult.

Though he does get a hit in, Don cannot keep up with the damage being dished out and the poor Rodian falls to the ground unconscious. A very well placed shot by one of the Spacers is let loose, finding its mark right at Rudi. It hurts like hell, but he isn’t out of the fight yet. Slowly the party whittles down the attacking Spacers, Kol redirecting blaster fire and striking with his lightsaber, Kitt aiming with her blaster rifle, and Rudi utilizing his Force powers. Another deft shot is fired by one the Spacers aimed at Kol, but though some sort of hand of destiny the shot misses, though he is immediately hit by another. Towards the end of the fight, both he and Rudi chase the same Spacer into the town hall, able to corner him into surrender. Kitt chases down another one that was bleeding badly, knocking him with one stun shot from her rifle. Unfortunately for the group, at least one of the Spacers was able to run off back to the others.

Dragged back into jail and locked away, Rudi sets to using his abilities to bring Don back to consciousness. Feeling weak and tired, Don thanks him and asserts he will be better next time. Looking pretty bad off, Kitt uses her medpac to help Kol out a little. The three quickly discuss who should continue to look after the prisoners. Kitt, having taken the least amount of shots in the fight, agrees to continue her shift with Don, giving the Jedi some time to sleep and recover. Of course, if anything else comes up before then, she guarantees that they’ll know.

Session 6 - Excessive Force

Morning breaks, and both Kol and Kitt find it difficult to shake their coifs from the party and are at least stuck with the highlights given to them. Baniss remarks about the amount of shrimp he was able to consume before he eats breakfast and departs to work out a deal for the ship’s parts needed. When the subject of the day’s events come up, taking in a show at the theater is suggested, an idea that Don finds attractive (he hopes that there will be quite a lot of blood and fighting). Both Kol and Rudi invite their respective dates from the night before, Kol stopping by the Kether estate to pick up Trista. Not properly dressed for a day out, Don goes and buys Kitt a sundress before they head to the theater.

The play promises to be a tale of “love and woe,” which Don hopes means several spots of violence. As it turns out, love and woe means just that and the play features no true fighting whatsoever. Trista, Kol and Rudi seem interested in it, while Danni is bored to the point of sleep, Don is disappointed in its lack of violence, and Kitt remains indifferent to the whole thing.

It is decided that the group should eat a nice lunch after such a lengthy play, and Trista knows just the place to go, which just happens to be the most expensive restaurant in town. Not to worry, though, as Trista announces she will pay for the entire meal. And the restaurant is quite extravagant, with most meals costing more than any of the group could afford (aside from perhaps rich boy Rudi). Trista and Kol talk about the joys of food while the others eat, Kitt covering her awkwardness in the posh environment by inspecting a technologically advanced spoon. When the lunch is finished, everyone starts to leave but are stopped when they hear someone calling out Kitt’s name.

Surprise, surprise, it’s Lord Harrak, also enjoying his lunch, or more accurately, dessert. He invites Kitt over to join him, which she only does when she manages to drag everyone else along with her. He mentions his attempt to call upon her earlier that morning, but that she had already left for the theater and tells her to try some of his flambé. A bit is revealed about his adherence to the tenets of the strong ruling over the weak, and that he hails from the planet Roon. To say it is a tense conversation on the group’s part is putting it lightly, and both Rudi and Kol leave before the dessert is finished, once again leaving Kitt to contend with Lord Harrak. Using their departure as an out, Kitt excuses herself, Harrak again saying they should spend time together, next time promising their meeting will be more private.

Trista doesn’t seem to impressed by the company they keep, though they assure her that they’re not friends with Harrak. And once again Kitt thanks her companions for sticking around to assist her. A call comes through on their comlinks and Baniss’s voices comes through, telling them that he has hit a snag in his dealings and that he must talk with them. Excusing themselves from Trista and Danni, the group head back to the hotel to see what is going on.

Baniss tells them that he had a problem acquiring borium, as the recent influx of Sith have stopped the trading of it. Given that it is a necessary item on the list, Baniss has found another place they might be able to get it: a mining planet called Donovia not far away. Reopening trade between Donovia and Contruum will be beneficial, so the group make haste back to the Crusader.

Back on the Crusader Captain Forma is informed of the situation, and the importance of going to Donovia. He agrees and has the ship make the short jump necessary to get to planet, a trip that will only take a few hours. To acquire the borium and open trade, Captain Forma informs the party that they’ll need to talk to the Administrator, a man named Shran Jurn. Knowing Donovia to be a rougher place, the Captain suggests taking one of the mercenaries on the ship, and has Rish take them down to meet her.

Kol tries to ask Rish about her odd behavior at him before, but she brushes him off telling him it is not the time for it as they arrive at their new companion’s room. Inside they see a female Zabrak practicing with her various weapons. Rish introduces her as Merryl Seer, a member of the Sun Guard. Merryl greets them, stating her commitment to stopping the war and seeing the Republic back to its former glory and goes on to mention her respect for the rigorous training of the Jedi and the talents of the Journeyman Protectors. She is brought up to speed on accompanying the others down to Donovia, and takes particular interest when she is told there is a Sith Lord prisoner on the ship. Demanding to see him, Merryl convinces the others to take her there for a brief meeting.

Orion is less than impressed with the group paying him a visit, to say the least. He makes mention of perhaps Rune had come back to “reshuffle his papers” once again. Merryl questions him, though the answers provide little help to her. Overall, very little is gleaned from the experience, and they all leave, though Merryl is satisfied getting to see the Sith Lord. Rune is brought up to speed on the situation and agrees to come with the others onto Donovia, leaving Melina to stand guard over Orion.

Randi approaches Rudi, expecting him to have her ruby. All she finds is a “I didn’t have the time,” from him and her cred chip. Enraged, the morale officer smacks the Jedi right across the face and storms off with her money.

Setting out with Baniss once again at the shuttle’s pilot controls, the party finds the trip down to Donovia turbulent and rough. Donovia is covered with dark and threatening rain clouds, seeming to be a planet of perpetual rain.

In these somewhat intense and turbulent moments before touchdown planetside, Kitt turns to Kol telling him, “I’ve heard of your father and I know what he does.” She then poses the question to him if he knows as well, which he reveals he does. They briefly talk about the illegal nature of it all, that others are suffering to fund his father’s life, and Kitt maintains the idea that something will happen about it someday and it’d be better if Kol was the one to take care of it. He tells her that he is not ready to deal with that eventuality yet, but appreciates that Kitt did not push the subject. She tells him that knew it had been the wrong time to talk about it, but wanted him to know that she knew and would not go on about it to anyone else.

Once the shuttle has landed, the party departs to experience first hand the dreary and rain soaked landscape of Donovia. Donning their all-temperature cloaks, they make their way towards the town of Gravepool.

There really isn’t all that much to the mining down of Gravepool. Rain pours down in heavy sheets, making anything in the distance impossible to really make out. The town seems to be comprised of only a few buildings, with not much discerning them from one another. Without knowing really which building to go into, the group picks one at random and it turns out to be the local cantina.

It is a welcome change of pace from the pouring rain, and the party steps inside to see the various patrons enjoying their drinks, including a loud man in the corner talking to a young woman, and a group of men playing pazaak. A sullustan bartender stands behind the counter, tending to the customers asking for drinks. When the party realizes he can speak Bocce, Rudi, Baniss and Don begin asking him some questions about the town, mainly where the Administrator is.

Kol finds himself watching the group of men playing pazaak, and a very rowdy man among them. When it looks like the rowdy man is intimidating another player, Kol steps in to ask what the situation is, Kitt following behind him. The rowdy man doesn’t take to the questions well, and says that there isn’t a problem, though he seems to be quite threatening to the other man. Kol continues to try to get the rowdy man to simmer down, and soon learns that the argument is over the fact that the other player is bad at pazaak. Puzzled that a man could be upset at someone losing at a game, Kol continues to question the rowdy man (who is apparently the dealer of the pazaak game), but gets little in the way of a good response. By now the loudness of the dealer has attracted the attention of the rest of the party, and they observe the unfolding scene. Kol’s suggestion for the dealer to leave gets a particularly volatile response from him, and he wants the two to shove off. Kitt’s attempt to calm them all down does nothing, and the dealer just demands for the two to leave him alone. Unable to think of a good solution to the intimidating dealer and his losing player, Kol turns to walk away from the situation. Rudi doesn’t like the dealer’s lack of respect to Kol’s request to leave, so he approaches the man and drags him up by the collar stating, “He told you it was time to leave.”

Well, that certainly doesn’t go over well with the ornery dealer, as he takes out his blaster pistol and takes a wild shot at Rudi in response. Displeased with the turn of events, Rudi uses the Force, albeit with a level of restraint, to shove the dealer into the nearby wall. Merryl sees the dealer’s shot as a threat and aims her blaster at him, prompting Kitt to take out her rifle and demand that everyone put down their weapons and calm down, for Rune to approach Rudi and the dealer, and for Kol to try to step between everyone to stop the whole affair. To avoid more trouble the dealer agrees to get escorted out, but his outrage over the events definitely has not faded.

The owner and bartender, Miim Jobl, thanks them for defusing the situation, but is unhappy that he is now out a pazaak dealer. He tells them that the dealer, Shug Dorn, is a rain man, a person who mans the necessary light towers throughout the landscape to avoid becoming lost. He and many others in the town belong to a group known as the Spacers, who can be identified by their yellow slickers. Shug has been known to be rowdy, and difficult to deal with, but he still did his job as a pazaak dealer. Rudi believes that Miim and his establishment are better off without Shug, though both Kol and Rune express their concern over essentially picking a fight with the man. He brushes them off and goes off to another part of the cantina, striking up a conversation with the loud man and his gal friend. Miim tells Baniss, Don and Kitt that if they’re looking for Administrator Jurn they’ll have to wait a few days. Administrator Jurn is out of town inspecting the many mines so the only options they have are to attempt to locate him in the mines, a dangerous prospect, or to wait for him in Gravepool until he returns. Baniss, Don and Kitt relay this to Kol, Rune and Merryl and start to discuss which option to take.

“Nice to meet ya, Rudi. I’m Urias Saper!”

Their discussions are halted for a moment as Kol hears his last name shouted from across the room. The loud man that Rudi had struck up a conversation with has turned out to share his last name, though Kol doesn’t really recognize the young man as a relative he ever met. Rudi tries to wave Kol over and introduce him as another Saper, but Kol avoids the name, using the last name alias of Cain.

Urias and his friend, Faina Arranaka, are miners in the town, enjoying a nice drink during their off hours. Loud and gregarious, Urias seems to hit it off with Rudi well and goes on a bit about the importance of his family, and that this mining gig is only temporary. When Rudi asks a few questions about the Spacers, Faina answers them, though her answers are not really different than Miim’s. The three continue to talk, Kol excusing himself from the table and rejoining the others, still feeling awkward meeting a distant relative.

The others continue to discuss their options, coming to the conclusion that they should try to wait for the Administrator for the time being. They’ll all need a place to stay, though, so the party (sans Rudi, Don and Baniss) leaves the cantina to find a hotel. Back into the torrential rain, the group knocks on several doors before finding one across the way from the cantina that yields some results. The place turns out to be a hotel, one that is certainly not the posh environment of the Grand Republic from Contruum, but more than adequate for everyone’s needs. They work out a deal with the proprietor of the establishment for a few rooms, Kol giving him an extra 20 credit tip. With not enough rooms for everyone to sleep alone, the party starts to decide who will bunk with whom.

Conversation running its course, Rudi decides to bid Urias and Faina a good evening and joins Don and Baniss as they go to find the others. As they’re leaving the cantina several shapes emerge from the pouring rain. Blaster in hand, Shug Dorn stands in the street, flanked by two of his friends. Telling Rudi that he knew that it wasn’t over, he and his friends open fire. Rudi responds with a show of his telekinetic abilities, this time letting go of his restraint, as Don backs him up with fire from his blaster rifle. They make short work of them, Shug Dorn meeting his end.

Of course, this noise is loud enough to attract attention from the local authorities, the aging marshal, Jerec Scraf, and the magistrate, Biggs Tabanne. Brought back into the cantina for a short chat, Biggs emphasizes that Gravepool is a town of law and order, all day every day, a sentiment that Marshal Scraf nods in agreement. Until the matter is resolved, the Marshal says he’ll have to confiscate all of their weapons. Confident that nothing bad will come of this, Rudi hands over his lightsaber, and Don relinquishes his blaster rifle. After that they are free to find their associates once again.

That they do when they finally reach the inn, though Rudi makes little mention of the situation with Shug Dorn. Given that it is late in the evening, the group makes their final decisions about the sleeping arrangements and all turn in for the night.


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